Finding our hidden feelings with Mahdiyeh Afshar Bakeshloo

Born in 1995 in Tehran, Iran, Mahdiyeh Afshar Bakeshloo is a internationally acclaimed photographer in the field of Fine Art and Concept photography, with articles in publications such as The Times and The British Journal of Photography, exhibitions throughout Iran and Europe, and a published Photo Book (Just like humans, 2020). In our interview we spoke with her about the influence of surrealism in her work, the power of a single black & white photograph, and why a piece of art can only be kept alive by the act of sharing it with an audience. Read here.

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About the traces that we leave behind with Hyoju Cheon

Hyoju Cheon (b.1994, Seoul) is an explorer and interdisciplinary artist currently residing in New York. Her multimedia practice–often casting a space, an object, or a body in motion–responds to the conditions of a site. Her work documents bodies as they move through space, drawing their trajectories and archiving the material traces  left behind. For Suboart Magazine, Hyoju answered questions about her love for performance, the interesting qualities of the domestic space, and her hopes for the future. Read here.

All Eyes On: Aleezah Qayyum

In her works, Lahore based artist Aleezah Qayyum deals with the abstraction of the body, exploring different materials and historical narratives that inform her perspective. She paints bodies, that feel faintly familiar, melting into their dream like fluid environments – forming remnants of what is known and what we can imagine. View more of Aleezah’s works here.

Creating spaces for dreaming with Emi Avora

Born on a small island in Greece, Emi Avora was lucky to be able to pursue her interest for painting from childhood days on: in the home studio of her father, an artist, she’d get in touch with tools & materials and decided to professionally pursue her passion at the young age of 17. In our interview with Emi, we talked about exploring your identity through art, the delightful physicality of the painting process and the importance of focusing on the work itself, rather than the ups and lows of the world of art. Read the full interview here.

Rising Stars: SuJung Jo

Brooklyn based artist SuJung Jo works photography, painting, wood working and sculpture, aiming to visualize the fragility and vulnerability of human life. Discover more of her works and the inspiration behind it in our section “Rising Stars”. Click here.

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Just living Life with Nyancho NwaNri

A lens-based creator out of Lagos, Nigeria, Nyancho NwaNri’s works revolve around African history, indigenous spiritual traditions, culture, languages, and social end environmental issues. An internationally acclaimed documentary photographer, Nyancho also creates pieces of video art, a practice that allows her to delve deeper into herself and the experiences lived & shared with the rest of human beings. Read the full interview here.

Femininity & Curves: the colourful Universe of Raphaële Anfré

Inspired by the feminine figure and the sometimes complicated relationship with her body, French artist Raphaële Anfré paints femininity and nudity in a simplified and minimalist way, studying women’s lines, curves and hollows, and translating them onto paper in her very own delicate and colourful way.
To read the full interview, click here.

In Conversation
with Babak Haghi

Through his pictures, Iranian photographer Babak Haghi discovers nature, the dialect of the body & femininity inside of human beings. In our interview, we spoke with him about his passion for the human body, the beauty of analog photgraphs and the difficult situation for artists in Iran.

Read the full interview here.

Anna Warfield: a feminine perspective in rigid spaces

From her studio in Upstate New York, Anna Warfield examines female lived experiences through textiles, text, & installation. In creating sculptural forms from fibers, she steps into a typically rigid & masculine space from a softer feminine perspective. We talked with Anna about her beginnings in the arts, her love for fabric and fibre art and the importance of bringing tough conversation to artistic spaces. Read the full interview here.

Artist talk with Rachel Berkowitz

Obsessed with creativity from an early age, painter and photographer Rachel Berkowitz moved to L.A. over a decade ago to study Fine Art, and to turn her passion into profession. In our interview with Suboart Magazine, Rachel talked about life itself as one of her biggest inspirations, journaling as part of her creative process and the grounding force of nature.

Read the full interview here.

In Conversation with Joanna Pilarczyk

Inspired by the city’s multicultural energy, London based artist Joanna Pilarczyk creates vibrant paintings that talk about leisure, intimacy & self-awareness. We spoke with Joanna about her beginnings in the arts, the importance of light in her work & the healing power or art.

Read the full interview here.

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Discover emerging talents
All Eyes On

All Eyes On Mawuko Abosseh

Mawuko ABOSSEH is a self-taught visual artist of Togolese origin. In his works he deals with several themes, one in particular being the stool which…

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Rising Stars: Fredrick Idele Osarodion

Mixed media artist and art instructor Fredrick Idele Osarodion, creates distorted figurative expressions that explore the beauty and complexities of the human experience, reflecting hope,…

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All Eyes on Olalekan Odunbori

Welcome to another series of “All Eyes On” with Nigerian painter Olalekan Odunbori who recently created a series on Self Evaluation and Self Consciousness, which…

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Rising Stars: Ioana Tocoaie

Ioana Tocoaie’s ( b.1998, Sibiu, Romania), artistic practice centers around the fantastic, superimposing recognizable elements from a feminist area with metamorphosed fragments, contradictions of reality.…

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Rising Stars: Lisa Urakova

Welcome to another edition of “Rising Stars” with Russian artist Elizaveta Urakova whose mysterious pictures are filled with contrasts and vibrant colours. Enjoy!

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Artist interviews

In Conversation with A. Stoyke

In her delicate abstract pencil drawings, Berlin based artist A. Stoyke deals with the mental and invisible, translating phenomena of the human psyche, as well…

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