Diahann Addison


Beauty in everyday life

Do you have a hard time seeing the beauty around you?
This Jamaican-American photographer can help you out:
with her delicate nature and architectural photography,
she’ll help you to see the beauty in everyday life and
to convert it into your state of mind and heart.

Who am I?

Hello, I am a Jamaican-American nature and architectural photographer residing in New York. I have a deep appreciation for living and connecting with others through art.

Nature & Architecture

I love nature, it’s simply majestic. My aim is to bring out the simplicity, elegance and energy it provides to the human experience. When I take photos of architecture I look for the components and how they interact.

In a similar manner, when I take walks among the plants, trees, and rivers I see how they provide structure and function individually and as part of the ecosystem. This is comparable to my perspective of architecture found in cities, towns and rural areas.

Brushed, 2020

Photography, inspiration & beauty

Photography provides evidence of living, it brings emotion and connection to many subjects. It’s neat that people become more connected to the external while also turning inward gaining a greater sense of self.

I love black and white photography as sometimes colour is a distraction when my focus is on the makeup of a subject.

With my pictures, I want to encourage people to see the beauty in everyday life. With time I have found beauty to be a state of mind.

When the two connect the beauty becomes even more apparent in the environment. Beauty is found in many places because it’s our relationship with it that makes beauty either overt or subtle.


Traveling is one of my favourite activities. From the planning, to the anticipation of leaving, the transit itself and watching my surroundings change it all inspires me. 

The most memorable moments are seeing the terrain change by train, air, or foot. Traveling enhances and enriches the life experience and is expressed through art. The next creative idea may arrive with a walk, a conversation, a meal or a moment in a new place. 

Traveling provides the opportunity to get to know yourself outside of your normal place- stretching and growing as a person. 

My favourite places here and there

My favourite places so far are…many places. Each adventure lends itself to something different and offers an opportunity to capture the moment in time. A common link between the places I have been and the place that I live is I enjoy taking walks, using the public transportation systems and immersing myself in the daily life of the location while also being a tourist. 

A few years ago I had the opportunity to visit Rotterdam, Netherlands. I really enjoyed this trip because of the architecture and scenery of this beautiful port city. It was one of my favourite places to visit because I was able to use the water bus and really feel like I was a part of the environment. I enjoy being on the water and traveling by boat. 

In my home area, my favourite area to photograph is the state capital, Albany, New York. The city center is a combination of modern architecture with accents of history around every corner. It’s range of architectural styles is full of opportunity and discovery. There are quaint parks for nature photography of flower gardens and various trees. This area is a place I appreciate during all the seasons. 

A view of Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam 2018

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