Sanja Djordjevic


The Urge within

Before I could talk, I drew.
It was always there.
I was born with artistic inclinations,

but not to artistic parents
So, I was born to raise hell



I honestly do not believe that inspiration comes from any external source, rather it is something that resides within oneself. Like everything that truly matters in life, all the answers are already there. External reality is more of a stimulus. Of course, a stimulus is needed, and sometimes necessary. Some artists base their entire body of work on a stimulus. I am not arguing nor denying the whole idea of inspiration, I just do not relate to it in it’s romantic definition – the concept of a muse. Or that it’s not possible to create without external motivation in a form of a person or a thing.

I am inspired to create every single moment, even when I’m not in a great state emotionally.

If you’re looking for a more concrete answer, I would say that people inspire me. The relationships…sometimes someone says something randomly that gets me thinking about it for days… and then I extract from it; I ponder on other people’s views without judgement and with curiosity.

Sometimes very intimate conversations, confessions that reveal to me so much about myself. Sometimes only by listening – how I feel about what’s been said, what I think about that or do I have the need to react or not. The effect that people have on each other, fated meetings, situations. Toxic relationships are a vast knowledge, that I’d exclusively avoid for the future. I’ve gained enough from them, alright. With experience comes wisdom.

There is nothing more inspirational for me than my incredible friendships, my close circle, my cheerleaders in life, and honest support, especially my female relationships.

They uplift me, encourage, pour into me love and compassion, believe in me fearlessly and I eternally grateful. I am so grateful that on every step on my way, I make sure I give back twice as much. Without feeling pressured to do it, it just spontaneously happens.


Happens all the time. It is just an integrational part of me, my body, and my psyche. If I don’t work on it physically I’m making mental notes – thinking about it all the time. I express myself not only through painting and drawing but also through cooking, gardening, caring, loving, talking, writing… It’s weird how my mind operates, it literally never sleeps and it’s really hard to tell the exact time when things happen like when ideas are born… and of course, there is never enough time.

It is also artistry to find the proper balance between the mundane and imaginative world
– the world of creativity that requires
its own time and dedication.

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