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With her vibrant, colourful compositions, the Serbian artist Sanja Djordjevic invites us to dive deeper into ourselves by the means of art and confronts us with her ideas and personal experiences of life, personal growth and creation. Each of the 9 pieces of this projects is accompanied by a comment written by Sanja that helps you to navigate through the exhibition. On the first page, you’ll find an overview that will give you a short introduction on the topic. At the end of the exhibition, the artist talks about the creative process of “Archetype of Cosmic Order”. Don’t miss this chance to dive into this sincere work full of beauty and profound, personal truths.

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Sanja Djordjevic

Have you ever felt that creation is an urge
from within, something born in our emotional
depths? Then we invite you to read this interview
with Sanja Sjordjevic, the 31 years old emerging
Serbian artist who is the author of our
second online exhibtion.

Read the full interview here

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