Feelings : conveyed

At a very young age, Omar has achieved what
some artists keep striving for for many years:

a distinctive artistic language that translates
his emotions into unique pieces of art.

Dive with us into his world & learn more about
Low Poly Art, René Magritte & the nightly

magic under myriads of stars.



My name is Omar, but I make myself better known by my nickname el T4nqu3. I’m a young guy living in Italy who makes artwork that fully expresses my moods and stream of consciousness. I got into art when I was a kid and would try to reapply what was in front of me with brushes and watercolours. Over the years, studying artists from other eras and transcribing my thoughts, I decided to combine my artistic and graphic skills to recreate something that could express myself at my best.

my technique: low poly art

Poly Art is a vector methodology that was born through 3D modelling in which triangles were used for polygons and at the time the polygons of a 3D model were very few compared to a current one. With this, the term “Low Poly” was coined. Over the years graphic designers have picked up on this style by applying a few polygons to recreate images and with a reference to three-dimensional models.

digital vs. analogue art

I’ve always been attracted to the study and making of a work that can also possess analogue art. It would be enough to see Andy Warhol who immediately understood the capabilities that a computer could have with results not too different from one of his analogue works.

If you ask me for a flaw, I’d say the only flaw is the loss of details that can be found in a “handmade” work, such as brush strokes that give a completely different sensation compared to a digital work. However, digital works can have other features that can strike the viewer, such as the novelty effect of a technology that is advancing and is applied in art, you can witness this in the works of Beeple, for instance.

my feelings : inspiration

My works come from a combination of elements such as thoughts, music, film, existing artwork and most importantly moments that I experience. They can be personal memories and experiences placed in imagery that I recreate in my own way. Before I start, I write down words or a set of phrases on a notepad to figure out how I feel and then go digital.

With my works I try to convey what
I feel and what I live by applying
it in my “abstract” world composed
of low poly and abstract figures.

One of my works that reflects this is “Miss You”. In a moment such as the global pandemic I found myself having to “extract” past moments, such as remembering the experience of the train ride home with a person far away from my city, placing my two hands in two different parts of the window and writing “miss you” on the fogged glass. In this work I expressed a strong nostalgia and lack turned to that person that because of Covid, I had strong difficulty to see again.

I also like to give importance to artists of the past by taking existing works apart and inserting my own imagery. Kind of like I did with the tribute to Magritte, applying it in a context consistent with his work, namely “The Mysteries of the Horizon,” but including my own style.

Miss u, 2020
Tribute to Magritte, 2020

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