Samson Adetoyinbo


Bright blue beauty

From the Nigerian city of Ibadan, the young
artist Samson Adetoyinbo shares his facial expression
portraits with the world, showing us that it doesn’t
need expensive tools or an artistic formation
to create valuable, worthwhile art.

I, Samson, my art

My name is Adetoyinbo Samson, I am an facial expressional artist. I have been making art right from when I was a kid but then it was just for fun-as I grew older I came across lots of veteran artists online and seeing their works got me inspired to dive deeper into art, even though I reside in a city without an art scene, Ibadan, in my home country Nigeria.

My type of art is based on drawing people’s faces while they’re making all sorts of facial expressions. I also use my drawings as a medium to pass a message across and as medium that makes people be aware of the expressions that the human face is capable of doing.

Johnny Drill, 2021
Ballpoint & blue

In the early days of my drawings I used pencils to create my portraits, but then I realized that making use of pencils requires other tools as well like the mono eraser, blending stump and more tools of that kind. They are quite expensive and as I wasn’t financially stable enough to get them I had to make use of what I had which was the ballpointpen. So I started working on my pen drawing skills and right from that time I became sort of addicted to making drawings with a ballpointpen. As for why I chose the colour blue, it’s because I believe that the contrast is brighter when drawing with blue than with black and I want my works to be bright and beautiful. Blue is also my favorite color.

A child’s innocence,

How I wish I could go back to my childhood days, days of no worries or anxiety, days of full happiness, days of doing things without thinking “oh, what will people say about this”. We all believe that as we get older the more we get our freedom, not realizing that we are about to being choked up by the pressure of the world. Well, it’s impossible for a adult to go back being a child again, but what is possible is seeing this children as a source of inspiration, to never worry or kill ourselves with anxiety but to stay positive and happy always and putting everything under God’s control.

From the Disfigure series, 16 x 12 centimetres
My creative process

I make drawings of anyone whose facial expression I find interesting, children, women, men, people I know, celebrities or strangers. Sometimes I search for random pictures of people making facial expressions online and sometimes I use photos that I find by coincidence. My works are still medium sized but I have plans to make bigger sized works by Gods Grace. It takes me 3-4 weeks to complete a drawing and sometimes it takes me a month, it all depends on how free I am to make art.

Drawing gives me this super exciting feeling of going on a trip, of getting ready to explore new things. It’s an amazing feeling.

Still breathing, 2021

I believe that art can build their creative mindset, and that is very beneficial. I’d recommend any young person to draw and create as well, if they have interest in art of course.

From the Disfigure series, 2021
From the Disfigure series, 2021
Emerging artists I’d like to recommend

I’d like to recommend my friend Timothy who makes drawings with the pointillism shading technique, making use of dots to create a piece. He is an amazing artist and I invite you to check out his Instagram account.

What I’m currently working on

I just completed a facial expressional drawing of Khaby Lame who always makes a particular facial expression in his comedy skits that I find it very funny and interesting. I just had to put him and one of his expressions on paper.

Khaby Lame, 2021
My hopes for the future

My hopes are getting me and my art out there, so that people will know me as an artist and also understand my art works and type of art. From that, I also hope that they’d want to buy my work. I hope to be a well known artist both at home here in Nigeria and abroad and also to be a source of inspiration to the new upcoming artists.

Samson in his home town Ibadan, 2021

Get in touch: @adetoyinbosamson

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