Isaac Eyafe


The world is yours

Through his pictures the Nigerian artist Isaac Eyafe
tells his story as a young black man in Africa,
transforming his experiences and struggles
into beautiful, poetic collages.


Me & my art story

Well, my name is Isaac, I come from the south west part of Nigeria. I’m 25, I like music and fashion but most importantly, I love making art. I’ve always had a creative mind, so growing up as an introvert I found myself making Sketches and drawing comics whenever I was alone. And also my love for nature and photography. 

I live in one of the busy parts of Lagos city, so it’s mostly lots of big buildings and traffic. But regardless, I do feel a sense of calm and ease watching the sunrise and sunset, always a beauty to behold. Plus we’ve got some amazing beaches which I do visit when I have the time. 

Love and patience, 2021
Digital collage
Influences & creative process

I’ll say my personal experiences and style greatly influences my art. My style being bright and colourful with a bit of abstract— I’ve always been of the opinion that an artwork becomes more engaging when it can be subjected to multiple interpretations and what better way to achieve this than through adding a bit of mystery to my art.

My works are often an expression of my state of mind and my experiences, culture and perception of my environment. Sometimes, I also get inspired by nature: the clouds, birds and all that inspires me a lot as well. To be honest there is no precise pattern to my creative process. A lot of times, I just get in a really high mood and create then try to derive some form of interpretation from my finished work. As For the how, first I get a concept in my head, then get the photographs and other materials I’ll need to achieve this concept, and finally, I work my magic. 

Rooted, 2021
Digital collage

Afrocentrism! As a Nigerian and African I find beauty in our lifestyle and culture. I also try to express myself through my art, giving the audience an insight into my thoughts and ideologies on family, society and life in general. 

Interlude, 2021
Digital collage
Digital art, Picasso & the next level

I got into digital art from through graphic design and my love for photography. I’d say it offers me more versatility, and also the availability of amazing soft wares to bring my wild and creative ideas to life. As for the digital images that I use, I mostly find them on Pinterest and in fashion magazines.

As for the question which artist has influenced me, I’d like to mention Pablo Picasso and as for whom I’d like to recommend as fellow emerging artists, Alexis (@alexistsegba) & Ayanfe Olarinde (@ayanfee__) both Nigerian female artists whose work I admire and find very intriguing.

My hopes for the future are to take my
art to the next level…you know…

Get in touch: @aj.thealterego

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Isaac Eyafe

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