Digital magazine for contemporary African culture in Spanish language

Screenshot Instagram page Afribuku for contemporary African Art, dance visual arts
Screenshot Instagram page Afribuku for contemporary African Art


Afribuku is a digital magazine for contemporary art and culture made in Africa. It talks about a wide range of cultural fields, such as film, literature, visual arts, music, dance and theatre. It’s published in Spanish language.


On their website, Afribuku publishes articles and interviews related to the many fields of contemporary African culture. They also recommend events related to the topic and point out new publications, movies, exhibitions and such.

We love them…

…because their articles and interviews are well researched and cover contemporary, recent topics, artists and creatives working in that field. Many of the contributing writers are journalists and all of them have an intense background related to African culture and studies.


Captions taken from the Afribuku
Instragram feed:
Screenshot of the Afribuku Instagram page for contemporary African arts and culture
Afribuku screenshot visual art, theatre, dance, literature modern African culture
Find out more:

Afribuku on Instagram
Afribuku Website: cultura africana contemporánea

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