All Eyes On: Aina Ibukunoluwa

Aina Ibukunoluwa

b. 1994 Oyo, Oyo State, Nigeria. Lives & works in Lagos.
Besides creating digital collages, Aina holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Design and works as a construction architect.

Emerging artist designer and architect black and white picture
digital collage portrait with roses pink background and eye
Roses & Cactuses, digital collage, 2021
9 inches by 11 inches

My collage works come from pure & self-unaware thoughts and emotions, I’d describe my works as bold and mythical yet always accessible. Their relatability with everyday societal lifestyles is paramount and evident in the way the collages subconsciously allow various interpretations.

digital collage with cable and cactus and a masque

I’d describe myself as a collage artist who juxtaposes in between Surrealism, Dadaism and Avant-Garde movements. The deconstruction of norms and the unorthodox way in which I go about in my collages encourages a dialogue between logic and irrationality. The figurative and the abstract in my artworks infuse the extension of oneself as part of a bigger realm, not constraining the rational mind in the process.

two black people a mother with a child and rolses
Aridunnu, digital collage, 2021
9 inches by 11 inches
mother and child digital collage african contemporary art
collage with heaven as background and a traditional african dress
In loving memory, digital collage, 2022
9 inches by 11 inches

I’ve always been fascinated by the works of Tobias Wong, Pieter Hugo and Abe Odedina amongst many other artists.

My major philosophy regarding my art is: “The need to reconcile bold imagery with ideas of how other entities can be part of a bigger one”.

This brings about his intention to arouse the viewer’s heart & imagination & to make them believe in the ability to accept patches made whole.

collage with heaven as background and a traditional african dress

The issues of neglection, oppression and non-conformity inspires my collage works, as I see pass these issues to create juxtapose images from a digital visual representation of my unaware emotions. The general concept is to break physical boarders, to surpass them.

With each piece of art comes a story which is more than the surface of the work but an in-depth interpretation that will relate to everyone differently.

two spoons create a digital collage with a heard and a creme coloured background
Guess who’s coming to dinner, digital collage, 2022
9 inches by 11 inches
sad face with heart and skeleton  water and a light yellow background
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