All Eyes On: Caitlin Moline

Caitlin Moline

Caitlin Moline is a collage artist living in Portland, Oregon. She has a BFA in Art Education and has had the opportunity to teach a wide variety of art mediums and age groups in private settings, schools, non-profit art organizations, and senior centers since 2012. Her collage practice is a ritual in self-care through the creation of found image narratives. Her work pulls heavily from femmage techniques and the care needed to hand-cut, layer, and assemble many delicate paper pieces. Through her work, she aims to create atmospheric dream-like scenes that evoke emotion, pulling inspiration from nature, vintage imagery, and the beautiful chimeric qualities inherent to analogue collage.

American collage artist smiling black and white picture
black and white collage with flowers
Horses, 2022, 5 x 8.5 inches

My collage making process is a ritual in self-care through the creation of found image narratives.

collage with flowers and horses

Guided by the therapeutic benefits of a collage making practice, my work is as much about the process as the finished result.

interlocked collage made from paper and pictures
Patchwork Quilt, 2021, 6.5x 10 inches
vintage style collage with black and white and colour elements
vintage style collage with flowers and paper cuts
Summertime, 2022, 6.5 x 8 inches

I find the patterns of discovering and collecting primarily antique and vintage imagery and ephemera and then carefully hand-cutting, tearing, assembling/reassembling, and gluing these fragile materials incredibly soothing and emotionally beneficial. I often find myself drawn to colors, textures, and the “feeling” or ambiance associated with found images and enjoy incorporating and reassembling these elements into something new.

vintage flower collage paper

My work explores themes of memory, emotion, symbolism, and an overwhelming appreciation of joy and beauty.

analog collage with flowers and yodiac signs and people
Star Guide, 2022, 6.5 x 8 inches
analogue collage from paper and flower cuts vintage style

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