All Eyes On: Victor Samuel

Experience is a virtue. Looking at my work puts you inside a moment to experience the beauty, the strength, The change, the fierce, the imagination and the reality shared in a single expression. 

digital collage artist from nigeria
digital collage portrait
Wholeness, digital collage

Thinking of the creation and the world entirely, puts me in a place to show the beauty of things already made, Giving life and beauty to things, nature and people.

digital collage with a face and hands

My inspiration came by a beautiful afro piece I saw, and from that moment, my experience and imagination grew intense, leaving me to see the possibility and the power in ART. This left me with an urge to create my first piece, and alongside came Up with a project called UNUSUAL.

graphic design inspired digital collage on Suboartmagazine
Joy, digital collage
digital collage with a person and flower patterns
beautiful digital collage black arm holding a flower high in the air
Life, digital collage

These wordless art of beautiful people, skies, moon and birds speaks to You through the curves of a smile and the creases of eyes wise beyond their years. May we all listen closely.

beautiful digital collage black arm holding a flower high in the air
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