All Eyes On: Sena Tues

Sena Tues

I am a figurative painter who explores human identity. The core of my work to-date has been in abstract realism and expressionism, with a focus on portraiture. Academic painting techniques are the foundation for what I do also, but I have enjoyed jumping off from that into experimenting with both paint application and infusing the work with elements of collages, and other materials. I think of myself as a modern contemporary artist living in Accra, Ghana. I was born and raised in some of Accra’s toughest neighbourhoods.

Ghanaian artist Sena Tuesday for Suboart Magazine

Mixed media painting collage by emerging artist Sena Tuesday
Strength within Love, series 3, 2022
Mixed media on canvas / collage, 101.60 x 127 cm

My passion as an artist is the representation of life through facial expressions, body, and eyes of black identities, depicting both traditional and modern urban lifestyles. I believe that is where our emotions are best portrayed. I also believe it helps to better visualize one’s experience and feelings; it’s an exchange of information with or without narratives.

Emerging artist opportunity Suboart Magazine

The reason I include flowers in my work is because I feel flowers are the representation of LOVE, self-awakening and self-love in the black community.  Black is a color that represents us as black identities. The red under it stands as blood, which in a scientific context gives life and that is what it means to me. I give life to my paintings.

Portrait black identity Mixed media painting
Gaze of love, series 2
Mixed Media on Canvas / collage, 102 x 120 cm
Black artists portrait Ghana mixed media
Black artists matter black identity portrait mixed media collage acrylic paint
Untitled series 4, 2022
Acrylic on canvas, 127 x 152.4 cm

I get inspired by nature, my surroundings, books, magazines, movies, television shows, music, travel, emotions, memories. The works of other artists inspire me.

acrylic on canvas portrait by emerging artist

For me, art has always been a means of communication. It’s a starting point for conversations that we need to be having. Art has the ability to connect with people in ways that sometimes words on their own cannot. I love the fact that I can create this work and have people pull out their own meanings from it and see the beauty in being black in it.

fervid look potrait painting acrylic on canvas black beauty vulnerability by african artist
Fervid Look, series 1, 2022
Mixed media on canvas / collage, 102 x 120 cm
African artist from Ghana portrays black identities and lifestyles
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African artist painting

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