Delta N.A


Freedom in four hands

The artists Neva Epoque & Alessandro Vignola share every canvas
simultaneously, their technique combining male & female soul,
a mesmerizing shared visual language. In this interview
they tell us more about their unique use of colours,
art as feeling & not understanding & why boredom
should be every artist’s best friend.

This image shows parts of three of Delta N.A.’s paintings:
Coexist, Let it flow & Chasing Liberty

Delta N.A.

We pay homage to the beauty of the world, not only to its greatness, to the wonder reflected in its creatures or to the majesty of its places; but to what we perceive through our hearts. When the rain surprises us along the way our skin gets wet, but the heart tells us stories of poetry and faith in destiny and for each falling drop we welcome a pearl of wisdom and we have the privilege of collecting it through colours and shapes.

The research in Art has led us along winding paths, we have dug into ourselves crumbling every trace of our past, we welcomed the frustration, the failure and then the hope in finding a glimmer of light to illuminate the way. We created and destroyed our efforts, we questioned all our beliefs and we sank our hands in the mud of our minds, we emerged strong and determined and when, through the clouds, the sunlight filtered through, we savoured moments of pure harmony.

In Art we find the joy of expression and the awareness of existence, accessing to the fullness of heart, therefore we pay homage to the beauty of life that, at every moment, reminds us that we are guests of the wonderful Earth and we have the possibility of loving, rejoice and feel emotions.

oil on canvas painting by italian artist duo
Let it flow, 2022
Oil on canvas, 40 x 30 cm

Working as a duo

It was a step by step process, started by working side by side on different paintings, than dividing the same project in 2 part and finally sharing the same canvas without any rules. The main benefit is a wonderful and immense freedom. Everything is evolving without rules and you can just follow a stream. It opens constantly our mind and our perception and give us the possibility to see everything in a different perspective.

Our work

We love to paint with oil colours, because the sensation is so smooth and the colours are very intense. The more we go on the less we have a project of what we are going to do on canvas. Our initial sketches are less important because the work on canvas is alive and it need to breath through colours and take its way, that we absolutely don’t know. We remember some years ago we had a show in Italy and it was published on the national art tv channel, so at the opening there was much more people than we could imagine…. Everyone was asking us to explain the paintings. We where happy to see their curiosity, but suddenly, we had an insight:

We understood that we had to go deeper and to loose our mind more, to make paintings that you could just feel, and did not require an explanation. Art is feeling not understanding.

We closed ourself in the studio and worked on a painting for more than six months; at the end we were completely satisfied. It was an unknow sensation: everything flowed on canvas and it was now in front of us, and it was absolutely surprising!

dream-like figurative oil painting
Coexist, 2021
Oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm

Colours & emotions

We dedicated the many years to connect colours to our emotions. When we found our inner voice, after a long research, we started using mostly some specific colours. Probably they are the colours that echoes with our soul and emotions. We love certain moments of the day, like sunset or first hours of the night, they are the moment in which we feel surrounded by an extreme beauty, that inspire us mostly.

We spend many time on each artwork to find the right balance of colours. We feel very important to create a peaceful harmony of hues in a painting. Until we don’t reach it we can’t feel in peace inside.

Sculptures & paintings

We love them both. One give us the way to grow in the other. It is fascinating create 3d objects that seem alive and exist in this world, on the other side it is wonderful paint a world where you can dive and find unexpected things and dreamy beauty.

blue sculpture made from mixed media
Nel cuore un luogo sicuro, 2021
Mixed media sculpture, 35 x 20 x 8 cm
blue oil on canvas painting with lions and humans
Chasing liberty, 2022
Oil on canvas, 50 x 70 cm

Challenges, art & love

As children we feel that the sense of well-being and protection surrounding us is the only existing source of security; then over the years, the world to which we are accustomed crumbles and, through the cracks in the wall, we begin to see a parallel reality made of challenges of different proportions awaiting us and whose success or failure create in us not only a sense of satisfaction but also of identity.

We take our first steps in pursuit of the approval of the most hoping to finally find contentment and peace, but once again reality gives way under the weight of expectations and an undiscovered path toward personal growth blossoms before our eyes drawing us to itself with the sensual scent of awareness.

Our body then, guides our moves discovering the contact with the other fooled by the desire to merge with the unknown; we are at the mercy of our drive for the unknown and we sink into the frustrating search for completeness. Love comes to our rescue and holding our hand, it supports us moving our gaze beyond the limits of the mind in a world of sensations and emotions that completely overwhelm us.

We are alone and yet our heart belongs to love and our life is in the hands of the choices we make.

The risk of living becomes our belief and believing in the existence of intention and dreams shapes our every action leading us to walk a path that seems crazy to the most, but is safe and undisputed for us. We are into Art, where the impossible shatters before the gaze of the heart and the infinite way to knowledge stands out before us, dazzling our eyes like the sun on the sands of the desert.
Art is the way to freedom, risk is the melody of heart’s song making count every moment and rooting us in a dreamy world suspended between clouds and sky where the indomitable force of sinuous destiny winds under our feet. Risk in life devoted to Art is the only possible way, the way of the heart.

colourful blue figurative painting with elephants, lions, humans, landscapes
Exotic escape, 2022
Oil on canvas, 200 x 120 cm

Our advice for aspiring artists

Work very hard, more than you are imagining. Never stop searching. Be friend with your fear, if there is fear it means that you are moving on an unexpected soil and this will bring you to something true and original. Stay away from false self-confidence and from your mind, they are enemies of creativity. Follow your art, dream big and good luck!

Boredom is your best friend, always listen to it: if you are bored it means that you are not creating.

painting by italian artists figurative style
Sorrow, 2021
Oil on Canvas, 30 x 30 cm

Fellow emerging artists

We like the art of Dirk Janssens, from Belgium because of its positive vibes and colours and the art of the Chinese artist Tattoo.vinc that combines tattoo art with traditional Asian art.

Our hopes for the future

Every time we feel that we reached a point in art, we immediately find out that is just the beginning of a new exploration. We hope to continue always walking this path with love luck and freedom.

Where can we see your works & how to get in touch with you?

If you are in South Africa you can see our paintings at AITY Gallery in Franschhoek, the gallery website: ( If you are in Spain, you can see our art exhibited at La Casa Grande, Santomera, in a group show titled La Pureza de la Naturaleza. We were invited to participate by Prof. Valeriano Venneri and Art Critic Maria Marchese. If you’ll be in February 2023 in United Arab Emirates don’t miss the Ras Al Khaimah Fine Art Festival, where we’ll exhibit our artwork First Sun, in the visual art section curated by Alfio Tommasini.

On Instagram at
On our website at


Dear reader,
thank you for reading until the end.
I hope that Delta N.A.’s works & words had the power
to teach you something that you didn’t know before.

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