All Eyes On: Dóra Zombori


In my paintings, I always followed a figurative and narrative line. My compositions are evolving around portraits. Recently instead of existing persons, I tend to invent my characters. These portraits are most often presented inside a landscape. It was interesting for me to imagine the scenes of the past era and traditions. When I looked at some photographs before painting, I understood this strange way of experiencing the past in a contemporary way, where recreation became the actual experience of a certain moment. At the end of 2019, I started to be more interested in Hungarian folklore and traditions. I painted scenes of the tales I heard from my parents and grandparents.

I think my works always have a strong sense of melancholy in them. I am often influenced by other artists who are using different aspects of their folklore. My visual tools are also very much fed from the heritage of my country, but as well influenced by the masters of impressionism. My colour palette is heavily influenced by the digital screen given opportunities. I use a lot of bright and neon colours. With darker tones, I deepen the contrast of the image. I use acrylic paint on the canvases I built or fiberboard.

Short Biography

Dóra Zombori was born in 1996 in Szeged, Hungary. In 2016, she received her qualification as a graphic designer and then began my studies at the Visual arts department of the University of Pécs, Hungary. In July 2022, she obtained a master’s degree in painting. Since 2015, she’s been regularly participating in various symposiums and exhibitions.

painting black acrylic two people

The living, 2021
Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 80 cm

acrylic painting of two people at night

Into the middle of the woods, 2019
Acrylic on canvas 67 x 90 cm

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fantastic portrait as an artist feature

Zodiac, 2021
Acrylic & chalk on canvas
55 x 70 cm

portrait in vibrant colours by emerging artist with master in painting
folklore art work from Hungary

Herd, 2020
Acrylic & chalk on fiberboard, 69 x 52 cm

a shepard with animals at night
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Instagram: @zombori.dora

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