Alogi John

Alogi John is a visual artist from Lagos, Nigeria, who graduated from Yaba College of Technology. Through his unique “Puzzle technique”, he represents his memories, inner emotions and experiences on the canvas. In this feature he tells us more about his motivation, inspiration & creative process.

About me & my work

My name is Alogi John, I am a visual artist who specialises in painting with the use of acrylic and oil paint on canvas.

I portray the uniqueness in African culture, beauty, a stop to racism, everyday activities in my immediate environment and my thoughts about life.

I came across my Puzzle-technique when I was in my final year. I was making some research on how to solve problems in African diaspora, and so, I saw a quote talking about missing pieces of a puzzle. So, I ventured into painting puzzles.

Painting is one of the thing that gives me joy, I find ease in myself when I paint out what bothers me in my innermost mind.

My paintings, a four-stage process

When I create a piece, there are different stages. Preparation period: My first stage is all about gathering information and making some sketches in my sketchbook to see how it will appear on my canvas before proceeding.

Advancing period: At the second stage, I take a step back from the sketches made and allow my mind to wander to let it contemplate and work them through. I nurture the unconscious thought by staying open to the ideas that come to me while I listen to music or go for a walk.

Embellishment period: The third stage essentially describes the moment of insight. However, it helps me understand that it’s something I can and should work towards achieving.

Implementation: At the fourth stage, I build on the solution on my canvas till I am done evaluating, analysing and building on my idea.

Sometimes words are not enough to express the pain and struggles that’s why I paint the pain, struggles and things that disturb my souls.

My current challenges are…

…to show my works to the world, to reach potential buyers and to meet more galleries and museums to promote my works.

I’m currently working on…

…a series of dreams and reality. It portrays how big everyone dreams and encourages us to keep dreaming and working towards our goals and that everything will be alright.

My hopes for the future are…

My hope for the future is to keep promoting African culture and beauty evolving around Africans. I also hope to see my works decorated in top galleries and museums in the world, also to be among the most valuable paintings in the world.

Any emerging artists you’d like to recommend?

Taiwo, Samuel Olutimileyhin, Ojelabi Johnson, Abiodun Youssef Olufemi, Agbabiaka Oluwakayode, Akinbobola Oluwatosin, Ogunniyi Kehinde, John Ayobamidele and Ibukun Adeleke .

Where can we see your work and how to get in touch with you?

My works can be seen at Constance and Sons gallery on Instagram ( and I also can be reached through Instagram, via the page @alogiartz

Get in touch:

Instagram: @alogiartz

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