All Eyes On: Jennifer Wilkin Penick


Jennifer Wilkin Penick’s introduction to collage was in early childhood, when her mother cut up magazine pages and invited her to make “mosaics” from them, using paste and a small tin brush. Living for decades in Italy as an adult gave her weekly access to the vintage paper vendors of Rome’s legendary flea market. Having studied studio art and art history, these two interests converge in Jennifer’s sometimes whimsical mixed media and collage works that frequently reference her relationship to (and nostalgia for) the artistic heritage of her adoptive country. Jennifer studied studio art as an undergraduate student and earned an MA in (Italian) Art History. Her artwork has been exhibited in Rome, Italy; Portland, Oregon; Arlington, Virginia; and Washington, DC. In addition to being a practicing artist, she teaches art to children and adults and has been a Visual-Artist-in-Residence with MedStar Georgetown University Hospital’s Arts & Humanities Program since 2018.

Artist Statement

I work predominantly in collage and mixed media, and feel drawn to the layering of textures and materials. I find that collages can be like poetry in their ability to create a narrative or a mood by forming order from originally unrelated bits. The act of art-making functions as both protection from–and as a way of processing–the unpredictability and chaos of the outside world. I am eternally fascinated by natural history, sacred objects, pattern, and art history. I adopt an eclectic mix of imagery in my own work and frequently incorporate hand-painted elements. 

Eye of Inspiration, 2022
Collage, 8-1/2 x 11-1/4″
Just Before Sunrise, 2022
Mixed media, 9-1/2 x 7-3/4″
Seaweed Dreams, 2022
Collage, 8-1/2 x 11″
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