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Anna was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1991 and started drawing at the early age of three. After deciding to become an artist in 2005, she attended art school from 2008 to 2014. The main subject of her work is memory & figurative forms in our consciousness, with special interest in old photos, human faces and the visual memory as the soul of human beings. The other important subject in Anna’s body of work is freedom and heroism.

Anna currently lives and works in Moscow and raises her voice against Russia’s war against Ukraine in many of her most recent works.

Memory, 2021
Oil on paper, 21 x 20 cm
About me

The most interesting theme for me is memory. Since I was a kid am a fan of listening stories about my relatives, who lived long ago and their life. I felt there is a connection between the story of my family and other families all around the world. When I grew up, I realised it is called “history”. But history of art and culture is much more than wars, conflicts and social changes. It’s a history of human feelings and perception. That’s why I always felt I want to be a part of culture process, a chronicler of feelings. For me every human face has a story of a long social change, a tragedy of feelings, or, in the opposite, a story about a joy of life. I also feel like city buildings keep their story and atmosphere. 

The other important theme is human activism and even heroism and human fight for change and desire for being free. I never thought about it being a kid but as I grew up, I realised that is an important part of life. It feels to me that some people pass a kind of initiation, they overcome fear and fight against evil making our world a better place. 

Girl with her passport, 2020
Gouache and pencil on paper, 25 x 20 cm
Green man, 2021
Oil on paper, 21 x 20 cm

I am deeply upset about the war that my country started. But I do know that most young people are against this and one day the situation might change.

What I like about life is that you never know what happens tomorrow. And that fills me with hope. 

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Instagram: @vva_artist


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