All Eyes On: Chibuike Ifedilichukwu

Chibuike Ifedilichukwu (b.1986, Enugu), is a versatile artist based in Akwaeze Anambra, Nigeria. He obtained his Higher National Diploma in Fine Arts from Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu Nigeria in 2012 with concentration in Graphics. Before and after graduation he taught art in high schools, facilitated children art workshops and curated art exhibitions in Enugu. His professional affiliations are Society of Nigeria Artist (SNA) and Pan African Circle of Artists (PACA). He has exhibited in over twenty art shows and has won numerous prices. Some selected exhibitions and prices are: October Rain Art Exhibition, Resilience, Lagos Nigeria 2020; 2nd International Art Fair, Eastern Convocation of Contemporary Expressions, National Gallery of Art, Enugu, Nigeria 2018; Imago Mundi, Nigeria/Roots: Contemporary Artists from Nigeria, Rome-Italy 2014; Prices: Winner, Sterling Bank Plc, Recycle Art Competition, Lagos 2017; Overall Winner, Life in My City Art Festival, Enugu 2018; 

Nchekwube, 2022
Aluminium, 26 x 36inches (66.04 x 91.44 cm)

I grew up in my community with my grandmother (Asamma) who is eco-friendly and has a strong belief in the Igbo philosophy which says ‘egbe belu, ugo ebelu’ meaning ‘live and let live. Her ideals cut deep into me and mold my inspiration as an environmental artist, who sees nothing as waste. The environmental advocacy lies at the heart of my work. From industrial activities down to individual human activities, waste is generated daily and discarded with little or no thought on the effect it has on the ecosystem. My works reveal the aesthetic and value potential of waste materials and change perception of how waste are viewed by the human eye, I see endless possibilities in them.

Through the process of scavenging waste, I interpret the message of physical environmental social consciousness, with my mixed media, installation and performing arts it embodies natural colours, textures and forms. My goal is to build human equilibrium ecology; voice to dumb, eye to blind, ear to deaf with objects like bottles, metals, aluminium and plastics. The sanitization of materials give it liberated hygienic autonomy which human needs to take caution. Mat is meant for sleep but I create mat for art through the mat formula of interlacing weft and warp followed with stitching, which bonds the aluminium and plastic as an inseparable covenant between human and global existence without inflicting pain to human environment or its inhabitants. And the watered piece glow sun in day, moon in night for balanced circle.

Holy stone, 2022
Aluminium, 26 x 36 inches (66.04 x 91.44 cm)

Chimamanda, 2022
Aluminium 26 x 36 inches (66.04 x 91.44 cm)

The artistic representation and value embedded in my creative process seeks to inform an inquisitive present human race of the endless possibilities that wastes can profer, it’s more like seeing through a transparent glass but more closely redefined in ways and creative thoughts unseen before. I bask in the fulfilment of intermediate achievable success after transforming waste into awe breathing art pieces which in turn reignites my passion and fuels my quest towards changing the status quo with wastes.

VI Feet, 2020
Mixed Media (Installation & Performing art), 121.92 x 182.88 cm
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