Issue #1

Dear Suboart friends,

we are beyond excited to announce that our first print issue- Issue #1- has finally arrived and is just as vibrant and beautiful as we intended it to be. In this very first issue, we want to give thanks to those artists, who have been with us from our very beginnings in early 2021, and who haven’t left us ever since. Issue #1 features 10 artists from the year 2021 and early 2022, and gives deep inside into their practices via interviews that spread over several pages.

Have a first glimpse at our magazine here:

To celebrate the news, and as our way to say thank you to everyone who has supported us so far (and you’ve been many of them!), we want to make a gift to you: Suboart Magazine Issue #1 is now available for free for download as a beautiful PDF that you can view on your phone, computer or tablet.

Issue #1 includes the following artists

Diahann Addison

Do you have a hard time seeing the beauty around you? This Jamaican-American photographer can help you out.

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Isaac Eyafe

Afrocentrism, creativity, digital art: if these words sound familiar or intriguing to you, then Isaac Eyafe is for you. Read more abut this young Nigerian…

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Guino García

Guino García is a Spanish artist from Jerez de la Frontera, whose life took an unexpected turn when his ex-girlfriend made him go to Cape…

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Omoyeni Arogunmati

Are you a fighter for women’s rights? A black female artist or creative? Then get to know this inspiring artist, who doesn’t stop to purchase…

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Mónica Morales

Have you been passionate about the visual arts all your life or are you wondering how to find your unique style? Then we’re sure Mónica’s…

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Sanja Djordjevic

Have you ever felt that creation is an urge from within, something born in our emotional depths? Then join us & get to know this…

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Jelena Gagic

Have you ever searched for the personification of the term “multi passionate entrepreneur”? Congratulations, you’ve just found it: it`s Jelena, Jelena Gagic!

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José Goz

If you’re a multipassionate artist or artpreneur, then this interview is for you: get to know the illustrator, musician & teacher José Goz

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Alejandro Blanco

Have you always loved the 80ies, boxing and music? Then you already have three things in common with the talented Argentinian soul

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Have you ever wished that you’d be able to convey your feelings into beautiful pieces of art? Then this interview is just for you

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Rising Stars: Natalie Tyler

Do you like embroidery, patterns and colours? Then today’s “Rising Star” migh as well be one of your next favourite artists. Inspired by everyday life,…

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All Eyes On: Elizabeth Marmur

Inspired by the wonders of nature, both universal and human, Elizabeth Murmur’s work is an ongoing exploration of the human condition. In today’s “All Eyes…

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All Eyes On: Link Hg

Italian artist Nicolò LinkHg Andreatta works with the concept of abandonment, trying to bring order to disused places through his graffiti interventions. In today’s “All…

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Rising Stars: Tiziano Summo

Through his distinctive installations, Italian artist Tiziano Summo dares to speak about a topic feared and ignored by many of us: death. In today’s edition…

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In conversation with Ojo Agi

With Blackness at the center of her works, Ojo Agi’s figurative drawings on brown paper tell a story that transcends race. Informed by postcolonial theory,…

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