Rising Star: Olga Niki


Olga Nikiforova, self-taught collage artist from Uzbekistan currently living in Cameroon. French teacher and psychologist by trade, born and raised in Tashkent. 47 year old. 12 years ago she started moving around the world with her family. With her husband and three children they lived in Kyrgyzstan, Laos, the Solomon Islands and Cameroon. Travelling around the world has left a deep mark on her life and has also literally pushed her to become creative. She got access to different cultural layers rich in traditions and history, the hitherto unknown side of the life of so many people. Creativity helped not to lose herself amidst everything happening around her. On the contrary, it has brought the artist closer to herself and allowed to feel what really matters. Collage became a tool that allows her to tell the stories that she needed to tell most vividly. She took several online courses in collage techniques and have been actively pursuing this art form for about five years now. Her collages have been featured in many online and physical exhibitions and collage festivals in different countries.

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Locked, 2022
Analogue collage, 24 × 24 cm
Restrictions, 2022
Analogue Mixed media collage, 32 × 24 cm
Time, 2022
Analogue collage, 32 × 24 cm
Floating, 2022
Analogue collage, 32 × 24 cm
Freedom of speech, 2021
Analogue Mixed media collage, 32 × 24 cm


Olga Niki makes her art in analog collage technique. In her work the author explores psychological and social aspects of human life such as loneliness, inner limitations, the search for self, and how external events influence changes in a person’s inner ecosystem. Often, these are spontaneous, intuitive compositions, where the artist does not follow her conception but rather the artwork is being born following its own internal logic, where the author only follows the direction of the lines and the development of the plot, adhering to basic compositional and coloristic rules. These collages best reflect the artist’s inner state and bring to the surface feelings and experiences that are sometimes invisible in everyday life. In her work Olga tries to demonstrate everything that she loves in collage technique. The subtle play of lines, angles, meanings, a hint of provocation, the juxtaposition of spaces.

When the obvious becomes quite unobvious. Where logic suggests a continuation of something familiar and predictable, there is a new meaning, an unexpected twist. This is a very fascinating thing for her as a creator. Sometimes she adds hand or machine stitching to her collages. Adding threads as a medium, she thereby diversifies her technique, makes her work more recognizable and interesting for the viewer. The variety of materials she uses in her work brings her a lot of joy and satisfaction: magazine clippings, newspapers, and paper with different textures, everything the artist can touch and feel. She likes the rustle of magazine pages and the sound of paper tearing in hands. Also she loves moving details in her collages, looking for the only possible position for each fragment.

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