All Eyes On: Mark Burrell


Mark Burrell is an English artist who was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, but now lives and works on the Kent coast. He earned a BA in Fine Art from Leeds Polytechnic and a Masters Degree in Fine Art from UEA at NIAD.  He has exhibited in numerous virtual exhibitions and physical art fairs in the UK, including a solo London show in 2021. He has also been featured in numerous Apero Fine Art Publications, Artist Talk Magazine and has had work featured in an edition of British Vogue.  Mark is represented by a number of online galleries. He also has work in several UK and European private collections most notably The Tim Sayer Collection, London. 


My work is autobiographical. At a basic level, it is an attempt at introspection – a seeing and understanding of myself. My paintings are, for me, an exercise in therapy. It is a way of learning to live with myself and to understand myself and the world around me. Ultimately, maybe helping others with that enlightenment too.  When I work, I am always manipulating materials “playing” – turning something that is lowly, or nothing in itself, (like sticks, scraps of fabric and paper) into an expressive work that can, hopefully, alter the viewer’s spirit. I try to keep the smaller scale works I make for closer, more intimate topics. The scale not only allows me to reflect on space – on ideas of emptiness for instance, but also gives those insignificant or underestimated things a powerful presence. This demonstrates that they also have greatness and relevance and gives the viewer an opportunity to simply stop and fix their attention for a while.

Odds Are Three To One, 2022
Printed image, image transfer, printing ink, paper, acrylic, oil stick and pencil on mounting board
80 x 56 cm.

Grounded, 2022
Printed photograph, paper and ink on found cardboard, 40 x 30 x 3 cm

Mark strives for an economy of means, the attempt to do the most with the least. He is highly sensitive in his use of material. Substances are often used spectacularly. Mark seeks to make the ordinary extraordinary. I consider Mark’s sensitivity, sense of self-discipline and contemplativeness to distinguish him as an artist.

– Simon Granger, Artist

An Anointed Place, 2022
Paper, acrylic, ink and pencil in cardboard, 30 x 25 cm

Concealed, painted, staged, Burrell’s poetry resonates by its raw beauty. From a found object to a simple line, a crumpled paper to an ecstatic gesture, Burrell orchestrates an off-beat visual music made of echos and unsuspected harmonies

Augustin Doublet 

Caught Between The Day and Night, 2022
Paper, printing ink, fabric, acrylic, pencil and oil stick on 350gsm watercolour paper, 42cm x 30cm

And Then You Were Gone, 2022
Acrylic and oil stick on found plywood. 30 x 30 x 1 cm

Continuum, 2022
Acrylic, oil stick, canvas, printing ink and paper on found plywood, 56 x 46 cm

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