Rising Stars: Anu Oro


Working with acrylic paints & mediums, contemporary artist Anu Oro creates artwork that is deeply inspired by alignment, introspection, & identity. Her paintings are carefully rendered to feature gold accents, bold linework & a contrasting monochromatic palette. As a self-taught artist, Oro has dedicated several years to refining her practice, conjuring a resonant body of work that exists at the intersection of design, spirituality, & fine art. The NJ-based creative intends for her paintings to encourage the initiation of inner work & self-reflection.

Contemporary artist Anu Oro


When viewing my paintings, the viewer encounters an intentional exploration of alignment, introspection, & identity.  Introspection has been a major tool in my grounding, mental health, & search for spiritual connection. It has shown me the value of prioritizing healing, purpose, &  personal power, irrespective of external influence. Each piece I create is meant to encourage the initiation of inner work & reconnection with one’s core. The black & white palette used for those works shows us our duality — reconciling contrasting aspects of the self.  Through the textures, gold accents, & strong lines there is an encounter with individuality. We all possess nuances & imperfections that are our identity signatures. Other key elements of my work are ripples, eyes, & faces. Here, ripples exemplify energy emanating from the work’s central figure, impressing onto the viewer.  The faces of these central figures represent the variability of our identities. Finally, their eyes signify a call to awareness & lucidity. My paintings are not only aesthetic, they are dedicated to collectors seeking power totems that celebrate the intimate process of becoming & overcoming.

GRIOT, 2020
Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 26” x 36”

Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 24” x 30”

Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 24” x 30”

SANTO, 2021
Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 24” x 30”

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