Rising Stars: Tushita Singh


I graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Gandhinagar, Gujarat in May 2004. Since then, I have worked as an Apparel Designer with various export and buying houses. I completed my Post Graduation in Cultural Management from IGNCA, New Delhi and Post Graduation in Indian Aesthetics from Jnanapravaha, Mumbai. In the past 18 years, I have closely observed how hand embroidery techniques seem to be losing its rightful place in the segment of surface ornamentation.

The core idea behind my creating and designing these artworks is to highlight the beauty and importance of hand embroideries, which seems to be diminishing. I work with an expert embroidery artisan – Sonu Khan, daily to create these artworks at my Design Studio in New Delhi, India.

Tushita Singh photographed by Udita Singh 


Hand embroidered textiles have been an integral part of India’s textile culture since long. In an era of rampant digitisation and fast fashion, I believe that somewhere the essence of documenting and preserving embroideries techniques is getting lost. As a sincere attempt to elevate hand embroideries and treat them as bespoke creations, I established Tushita Design Studio in April 2022. Here, I work with an expert embroidery artisan, Sonu Khan to create hand embroidered artworks, which are framed for wall decor.  As an artist, I love observing the patterns of land and water bodies and they emerge as a strong source of design inspiration for my embroidery artworks. A Bird’s eye view of various terrains is something that captures my imagination. It is an immersive experience to design and play around with a wide variety forms, colours and textures and materials. My colour palette is largely natural and earthen tones with a few surprise hints of colours spread around the artworks. I conceptualise, hand paint the backgrounds on fabrics and even foil print some of them. I then guide the artisan to create the textures through various styles of hand embroideries.This process is extremely creatively satisfying.

Desert Rose, 2022
Hand embroidery with beads and raffia
Meanders, 2022
Hand embroidery and appliqué on linen
Sand Dunes, 2022
Mixed yarns and threads with beadwork and metal thread on linen
Oasis, 2022
Hand embroidery with threads sequins and beads on linen
The Waterfall, 2022
Hand embroidery on linen
Starburst, 2022
Hand painted with bead embroidery on linen
For more information about the artist, please visit:

Instagram: @bluerabbithole

All photographs courtesy of Tushita Singh
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