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In his late teens, Australian artist Spock received his first art lessons from commercial artist Frank Hyder who he was working with at his first job in the advertising industry back then. Interested in Cartooning, Caricature and early 20th century art, such as the Surrealism and Dada movements, Spock worked in the art industry spasmodically for 30 years whilst painting for himself. From 1995 to 1997, he studied Printmaking at Northern Territory University (now Charles Darwin University), and held his first solo exhibition (the only one until today). He has participated in various group exhibitions in Australia, among them the annual end of year exhibition at Port Noarlunga Gallery Adelaide S.A. in 2015. Since 2018, Spock lives and works in Bali, painting and drawing on a variety of subjects and making use of his skills gained from 50 years of experimentation, study and natural artistic abilities.


The intention of my art always, is to communicate and please an audience of one. My favoured medium is oil paint on canvas, I also do drawings using marker pens, coloured pencils and ink on paper at different stages of my artistic process. I use varying techniques and styles either independently or combined in my work. I have also done 2 series of  black & white  linocuts (30cm x 30cm)(one printed series).

My art is an expression of my emotional and artistic response to the environment and circumstance I find myself at any given time. Paintings are the end product of storytelling to myself of an evolving narrative, generally me trying to decipher and understand the world around, these works can take weeks or months as I tend to paint when I have a feel for the work I am doing. I enjoy geometric and abstract painting as a form of artistic meditation, experimentation and practice.

For the last 25 years my palette has consisted mainly of primary colours (W&N magenta, cerulean blue hue and cadmium yellow hue) and for 10 or so years from 1995 I discarded black. I use mainly small to medium chisel and fine point acrylic brushes, applying thin layers of paint to build my colours. I like intimate size canvases with most works under a square metre in size, as my transient lifestyle has meant large canvasses are impractical.  

Untitled, 2022
Oil on canvas, 121cm x 91cm
Untitled, 2022
Oil on canvas, 76cm x 76cm
The Birth Of Planets, 2020
Oil on canvas, 80cm x 100cm         
Symbiosis, 2020
Oil on canvas, 80cm x 100cm        
Life’s Thread, 2022
Oil on canvas, 80cm x 100cm      
Totems, 2021
Oil on canvas, 51cm x 70cm
Falling Leaves, 2020
Oil on canvas, 40cm x 60cm
For more information about the artist, please visit:

Instagram: @Spockart

All photographs courtesy of Spock
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