All Eyes On: Link Hg

About Me

I work with the concept of abandonment, trying to bring order to the disused places I frequent and represent through my works. My path is developed in various media, moving from muralism to ceramics. The purpose of my work is for people to perceive that beyond their gaze there is something more that needs reasoning to be appreciated. My work stems from the need to express myself and the curiosity that leads me to discover the unknown; I love to enter long-forgotten spaces and reason about unused areas.

Nicolò LinkHg Andreatta

The geometries in my graffiti are often found in juxtaposition with these places and try to create dynamics of geometric harmony with the space so as to reactivate active and living perceptions in the viewer who comes across these places dominated by the natural vitality of the third landscape generated by the post-industrial era. If someone were to ask me how I work I would answer that I look in the shadow cones where people are not looking. The holes created in strange ways by asphalt, the post-industrial companies of the 1990s, the abandoned churches in the middle of mountains and hills. These are all places that I feel incredibly mine. I love rummaging through these majestic corpses of the past. Bringing them back to life even for a short time and looking with my work for ways to enhance them and not damage them. Mine is both a physical and mental search.

About this Project

The project was born after a long time apart from the concept of a wall as a support surface and develops through the search for shapes that are unrelated to the world of traditional graffiti. My intent is to create a sequence of artworks that are recognisable by their signature stroke and to maintain a common thread that characterises them as a whole whilst simultaneously giving completeness and autonomy to every single piece.

The numerical sequence is not always due to aesthetic choices but rather monitors the progression of the work by showing its creative development. Every single piece is individually numbered regardless of being part of a series composed by several other pieces. The first works are entirely created using the colour black as to accommodate my intention to utilise only the essential, hence the construction of structural and chromatic pieces which are clean and free of distractions.

The practice then develops as the execution of the works become more complex: the addition of color tries to dissect an element that shape leaves only to our intuitive understanding. In this way depth and convergence are often revealed with strong changes of colors. The transition from the wall to the ground embraces a large-scale evolution. The latter, being workable and walkable, requires a kind of interaction which is sometimes led unconsciously, providing an unexpected pleasure of the work. The fondness for places which are far from human presence is underlined by the search for open spaces. This quest is precisely directed towards disfigured or abandoned locations which are devoid of utility and are now vanquished by the vegetation.

The process involved is one that redefines structures that visually and environmentally pollute the landscape, granting its reuse and giving it a new breath. The rigour with which the geometric shapes break into the environment almost arouses a provocation in the eye of the beholder. A feeling which is enhanced by a sharp visual contrast to the surrounding mantle of greenery. How the materials react to atmospheric agents is a fundamental part of this artistic practice. Under the lens of time, we watch the pieces break apart and mutate, becoming alive and participating in the environment through constant evolution.

For more information about the artist, please visit:
Instagram: @linkhg

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