Rising Stars: Uche Dalington Amazu


I am a visual artist, crochet Designer and a fashion enthusiast. I am a keen observer of my environment and take particular interest in nature. I am a graduate of the University of Benin where I studied Fine and Applied Art ( textile design and fashion) second class upper division. I have been practicing Art for many months now and I take keen interest in sourcing and experimenting fiber materials for my works. I love weaving, it’s therapy for me and it’s a means where I  express my complex thoughts. I love a quiet, productive environment to help me think and reflect. I love people.


Every piece of Art I create is a phase faced. I create every crucial stage(s) of my life in my Art, my social views and challenges. I source fiber materials, make my space which I weave. I explore the use of crochet, using geometric shapes and Crocheted petals, weaving and dyed fabrics, paints in making my art. Each thread woven symbolises how complex and inter twined my mind works. How I know what to do and how I don’t know what to do, dilemma!. Many years ago, at age 8 when I first witnessed my grand father weaving a basket and many thoughts flushed through my mind, I had an interest. The craft which has metamorphosed into my works many years later. I want my audience to feel the connection in my Art as it relates to them. I hope to see my Art in Galleries and museums and in homes of people that feel and have personal connections when they view my work, the colors, the interlacing of every yarn, the whole crochet pieces, the placements the complexity of my thoughts, state of mind while creating my Art.

I think the Rainbow, 2021
Mixed Media, 51cm by 46cm

I think the Rainbow

My work portrays a figure of a human in deep thoughts. A phase where we face to choose going to college or doing something different, learning a skill. To choose between starting a family or not. But in all these dilemma, there are positives decision to choose from and that’s exactly what I’m going to choose. Surrounding your thoughts with positivity, beautiful thoughts in the midst of uncertainty.

White Colar Job

Being the first person to graduate from college in my family, my parents want me to secure a ‘ white collar job’ to satisfy thier ego and perhaps to secure my future. But as a creative, I have always loved to be independent, I love the idea of making Art, the freedom to express my thoughts. “Man know thyself” I have always know myself to be an artist and that’s exactly what I want to do even if it means I have to paint in my suit and tie.

White Colar Job, 2022
Mixed Media, 54 cm by 34 cm

For more information about the artist, please visit:

Instagram: @brand_veham

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