Illuminating the Beauty of Science

Online Group Exhibition

May 6th to May 26th 2023

Science and art have always been closely tied, as the purpose of both is to understand the world around us and create within it. With advancements in both research and technologies happening at an increasingly rapid pace, how does this change the approach to making art through a scientific lens?

From more than 200 applications, our guest curator Nicole Young and The Suboart curatorial team Fola Harold & Carolina Castilho chose a total of 73 artists to participate in this online exhibition that showcases works that highlight the intersections between science, technology and art in many different ways.

We chose to present the exhibition in a virtual 3D exhibition room on the Kunstmatrix platform, that allows the viewers to discover the exhibition virtually.

We hope you enjoy viewing the exhibition as much as we’ve enjoyed reviewing and selecting the works, and that it offers you new perspectives on the many ways that art and science complement each other in a fruitful, inspirational and critical way.

Thank you once more to our guest curator Nicole Young, who approached us with the idea for the exhibition, to all participating artists who allow us to showcase their pieces, and to each and every artist who has applied to this open call and shared their works and thoughts with us.

Enjoy the exhibition,
we hope to be in touch with you soon,

Nina & The Suboart Team

Exhibition Catalogue
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Participating Artists

Abigail Brown, Agnes Hansella, Alan Lacke, Alejandro García Rosado, Ally De Luca, Anaïs Lera, Andrew Rehs, Anna Kakhiani, Ashley Snook, Ashlynd Scavotto, Bethany Pipkin, Brennan Wojtyla, Brian Hallas, Cameron Lings, Casey Lauren Edwards, Coltrane MacKendrick, Cosmic Bagels, Danielle Petti, David Aquino, Dayna Leavitt and Meredith Starr, Doha Gad, Doug Schulte, Eleonora Islamova, Eric Charlton, Faazafron Salsabiela, Ginsy Barnes, Hannah Smith, Hui Yui Ku, James Friesen, Janna Kumi, Jenni Ward, Jessica Moritz, Jody Rasch, Joha Bisone, Jordan Baraniecki, June Ni, Kevin McKenna, Langley Anderson, Lea Hoffbauer, Loana Flores, Madeleine Matsson, Marisa Myrah, Masha Bright, Michael Wagner, Molly Mavor, Nk, NicoleMaloof, Olga Lamm, Omar Meijer, Ophelia Arc, REM bureau, Rendy Pandita, Robert Matejcek, Russel Scott, Samantha Passaniti, Samantha Lee, Sara Schesser Bartra, Sara Rahanjam, Sara Wiens, Sarah Smitherman, Shea Wilkinson, Shee Gomes, Sila Güven, Šimon Kučera, Simone Sarmet, Sonhita Chakraborty, Taiwo Omilana, Teresa Leitão, Tina Striuk, Valeriia Burliuk, Vincenzo Cohen, Yilin Du, Zineb Mezzour

Curatorial Team

Nicole Young

Art consultant and visual artist

Nicole currently works as the Art Consultant for the Federation of Canadian Artists, curating and marketing exhibitions and selling artworks. She has previously worked as a Curator for the Deer Lake Art Gallery and the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan. Her own art practice is focused on environmentalism, storytelling and creating community through the lens of sustainability.

Learn more about Nicole here.

Fola Harold

Curator, art collector & art enthusiast

Based in Dubai since 2017, Fola runs the art-lovers community & meet up group ArtsyFolk, organizing gallery visits & workshops around the city. She has been involved in the Dubai art scene through exhibitions such as Art Dubai & working for several galleries in the UAE.

Fola is currently working on her first pop-up exhibition in Dubai & joined the Suboart Magazine Team earlier this year to assist with her expertise in African, especially West-African art.

Carolina Castilho

Barcelona based curator and writer.

For the past two years, Carolina has worked with the curatorial platform RICE Initiative in Barcelona, co-organizing exhibitions an collaborating with their magazine as an editor and writer. She joined Suboart Magazine in September 2022, conducting studio visits & artist interviews.

Her first single-curated exhibition “Alternative gazes on the body and desire.” will be inaugurated at FLIPA Art Gallery Barcelona on May 27th.


Abigail Brown, “Mouse Living Sculpture 3” 2023, Bio Art, 15 cm height

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