Rising Stars: Florencia del Fabbro


Florencia Del Fabbro is an artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1988. Her first contacts with art were from childhood because her grandmother is an artist. In 2006 she started her studies at the UNA (National University of Art) in the Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts with painting orientation. 

Florencia has participated in numbers of group exhibitions included: Artistas virtuales, Museo de arte virtual, (Argentina, 2020). Artisnotinisolation, art is where the artist is (UK, 2020), “Walk on by” Window Exhibition (UK, 2020), “Eat, Sleep, (I Can’t ) Breathe!, online showcase, Vacant Museum (2020), “House letters issue 2″, “Reflections, online exhibition” (UK, 2020),”Bajos del Barolo”, (Buenos Aires, Argentina 2020), Heavy IridescentIssue One: Consciousness (2020), “El Felix”, 51° Salón de Artes Visuales Félix Amador, (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2021). MAJO VII, Fundación Rómulo Raggio, (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2022).

Florencia del Fabbro is an Argentinian artist, with a BA in Visual Arts


My paintings, most of them acrylic, deal with subjects such as everyday life and the existential problems that afflict human beings. I believe that every human being is a construction of experiences, moments and experiences. I am interested in being able to show a little of those intimate worlds of people, their routines, their intimacy, in the spontaneity of a common moment. The objects that surround us, the places we frequent, our homes and families. I like to tell stories, break down moments, capture moments that in reality go unnoticed, are lost in time.

Recording those moments is for me a way of eternalizing what is so familiar and everyday to us, which sometimes even goes unnoticed. I like the idea of ​​showing what is not relevant to our eyes, because it is part of our intimacy, of who we are, and we think we know it by heart. The objects that surround us, the places we frequent, our houses, our families.

Cumple de un año, 2023
Acrylic on paper, 52 x 82 cm

Verano del 89, mi abuelo y yo de bebe, 2023.
Acrylic on paper, 55 x 82 cm
Verano del 89, 2023
Acrylic on paper, 61 x 82 cm
Verano del 98, Chicha y yo de bebe, 2023
Acrylic on paper, 60 x 82 cm

Retrato de mi mama poco después de haberme tenido, 2023
Acrylic on paper, 50 x 50 cm

Retrato de mi mama, cuando aún no era mi mamá, 2023
Acrylic on paper, 50 x 75 cm
For more information about the artist, please visit:

Instagram: @florencia.delfabbro

All photographs courtesy of Florencia del Fabbro
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