Are you an
emerging artist
or art lover?

Then this place is for you

Suboart Magazine
gives emerging artists
an inspiring & affordable space

to tell their stories
through their
pictures & words.

We’re founded in December 2020
by a fellow emerging artist

And now we want to
grow with you

We’ll host open calls
for our print issue & online
features throughout 2023

And we’re currently planning
for an online exhibition
in May 2023

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And who are we?

Nina Seidel

Artist & Founder
Lisbon, Portugal

Born in Austria, I’ve lived in Portugal since 2019, where I’m dividing my time between Suboart Magazine and developing my art practice. I founded Suboart Magazine in December 2020, wanting to offer an affordable, yet professional outlet to emerging artists, especially those who haven’t had the chance to develop an important CV yet. I’m in charge of the print issue, the online features & interviews, and I take care of the magazine and web design.


Carolina Castilho

Curator & Writer
Barcelona, Spain

Originally from Lisbon, Carolina currently studies her final year of Arts & Humanities in Barcelona, where she has worked over the past years as a curator and writer for another art magazine. In 2022, she conducted several studio visits that were published as interviews in Suboart Magazine. At the moment, she is working on a physical exhibition in Barcelona in May, having organized the open call for it in cooperation with our magazine.


Fola Harold

Curator & Art Enthusiast
Dubai, UAE

Fola is an art enthusiast & aspiring curator from Nigeria, based in Dubai since 2017. Organizing gallery visits & workshops around the city, she runs the art-lovers community ArtsyFolk & has been involved in the Dubai art scene through exhibitions such as Art Dubai & working for several galleries in the UAE. She recently joined our team to create a new video-interview format, “Questions with Fola”, that is scheduled to start in late March 2023.


Thank you for your interest in our magazine,
we hope to be in touch with you soon.

Nina, Fola & Carolina

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