Jewels were hidden

“Jewels” – geometric shapes and bodies that remind one of the gems – are buried in the ground. Sitting there quietly, being radiant by nature. Selflessly offering abundance. These bearers of wisdom, existing as long as life itself, patiently waiting to be discovered so the founder can reap all kinds of benefits from their magical substance. They were always there, within. “Jewels” stands for beauty, creativity, happiness, love, acceptance, compassion, empathy. And yet, the light shines in the opposite direction, far from the true wealth. Like a hound busy in its present mission with one job only – to get to the prize. Is it the pot of gold or the divine truth? 

The battery lamp in the center stage of a composition gives a resemblance of a Holy Grail (pot of gold/ ultimate goal/ a metaphor for the divine truth). Sometimes hound gets to the prize, but instead of wealth gets just a little treat. And he is led to believe that he got the good stuff, he’s happy. Programmed, misguided. 

I feel like the more we seek the prize or praise, the more we are misguided.
Led to think that there is only one absolute truth and that it is already written or spoken.
A certain set of rules that we should obey,
only one way to do things right.
Never questioning authority that is, more often than not,
undeservingly titled.

Believing blindly. The result is an exhausting
search for meaning, philosophy,
style, validation.
Looking for them anxiously
in the ones that oppose us, hijacking identities, ideas.

As I am a part of society I speak of these issues in plural. But most definitely, these issues bother me greatly. So, I am the one that asks provocative questions, and I forever will, let´s move

opposite directions

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