Archetype of Cosmic Order

While I was conceiving the idea for my series, I had following questions on my mind– how can I express what I feel? How can I make it relatable for the collective, but remain mystique and kind of personal? Because the true intention is not to make it adjustable, just understandable. And for some, relatable – for the ones that need to see or hear (read). Art has healing properties, besides aesthetic value.

The concept of my last abstract series is called “ The Archetype of a Cosmic Order” which is a sum of my thought processes over the years, studying, researching, and just experiencing life. Different levels of knowledge I gained. I’ve always felt like there is some secret that I need to unravel… for the sake of my being. And I feel that on such profound level; I’ve come to understand that that feeling is not to be neglected. The series of events that happened to me, especially internal processes, got me into this idea, this concept that I developed only years later. Got me to believe in greater forces that guide our lives, which I structured with my esoteric and scientific studying by reading and researching (astrology, mithology, quantum physics, psychology, spirituality). Each piece in the series represents a mini concept within the large idea – about the power-play dynamics between the Cosmos and a self-deceptive human who thinks that, as such, is the highest form of existence.

The pallete is well balanced between calm and arousing colors at the same time which create a pleasant visual experience. It is not a critic, just a bit of philosophy, and an invitation to my way of perceiving and experiencing things regards the subject.


For this exhibition we invited Mewa Ristic, a fellow Serbian artist
and good friend to Sanja Djordjevic, to comment
on Sanja’s works:


The Artist or Sanja Djordjevic is a dear friend, a soul sister through whom I’ve started to be aware of my own spiritual awakening. She was there through thick and thin. And in between, a vast space we filled with our conversations about all things possible. Deep, intimate, dark, light, heavy, and all kinds of convos you’d think of having.

She is a person I admire in whole, as whole as I am able to perceive and experience her.

I was delighted when she introduced me to her “Archetype of a cosmic order” series. Instantly we started many conversations we haven’t yet finished about all the things those pieces represent, starting from composition, color, flavor, perspective, theme, spiritual background … All the details!!!

I cannot describe the depth I feel when I look at her work, maybe it is a bit because I saw her soul very brightly, but still – I hope many viewers experience what I did!

Peace, love

Frequencies and Opposite directions

These two are very similar in terms of composition, at least the central figure reminds me of a body that is on the point of changing its surroundings and circumstances.

Frequencies depicts sound and energy waves with soft wavy lines and fresh and light colors. I also see an energy ray entering the body and being processed and let out of it different in appearance.

Opposite directions: central figure, or as I would like to call it Natus, travels into another physical state or/and state of mind. Those two environs differ in built; one is strict, the other is fluid.

I notice the wavy line to be more in use with these two pieces, rather than in the rest of the excerpts of series “Archetype of a cosmic order”.

Jewels were hidden and On my mind

I pair these two pieces because I feel them as natural complements of one another.

Jewels were hidden

Sometimes we point our flashlight everywhere else but towards the right spot in search of our precious things in life. First association that came to my mind according to the title was “look inside, the treasure is inside”. The genesis can work both ways – the mystic goblet and the altar below it full of magic, where it implements the collected light.

On my mind

Here I see the Artist’s ever-thinking mind – observing, analysing, testing the limits, as well as depths of what it sees, feels, wants… Object inside of an object – fractioning and giving sense to what seems to have none. Hexagon with a triangle reminds me of a Merkaba, a symbol of opposing energies in perfect balance. Urge to raise one’s vibration.

Pandora’s box

Legend has it after all the evil once flew out of the box, last came out Hope. Hope would be an utterly pure, curious, and trusting spark of our being. Without Hope and suffering, we cannot rise to meet ourselves or others on a higher level of consciousness.


A rising Sun, Moon… or rising of one’s being to another frequency?

A rising Artist? Most certainly :))

Saturn Return

Literally, the composition could represent the motion of the planet Saturn. As a term in astrology, Saturn’s return happens once his position in the sky is the same in one’s birth chart. It symbolizes the entrance to adulthood and maturity.

A beautiful way to represent a long road walked on so far.

The Eye of Horus

The flow of energy and what is perceived. Everything that is observed is affected by the observer. Here the third eye is above the actual eye which observes, in the section of two circles.

In Egyptian mythology, the Eye of Horus represents healing, protection, and well-being. An insight of the Artist’s own healing mechanisms maybe? Esoteric at the very least.

The Game

Very mysterious, playful, and strong.

Composition is built in a different manner than the previous pieces. The black background gives me the feeling of something that is happening in the “dark” or just out of anyone’s sight.

Could it be the very process of the Artist’s creation?


“The most beautiful experience we can have is
the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion
that stands at the cradle of true art
and true science.”

-Albert Einstein
The World as I see it


Dear visitor,

Sometimes I get asked: how do you choose the works that you showcase, what is your criteria? I usually don’t have an answer for this question- I choose artists whose works attract me & I trust that what attracts me is the right thing to choose.

There are, however, three cornerstones that I find in all of the art works that catch my attention: it’s beauty, honesty and conceptual depth, or let’s call it a “topic worth talking about”. From the day I came across Sanja’s abstract works, I knew that they belonged to this group.

From the very start of our relationship, I felt how serious Sanja takes art and creating it- while as artists, we’re all passionate about creation, and spend our time, energy and love on our works, not all of us achieve (or even strive for) what I have found in Sanja’s works: it’s conceptual depth, which comes from the serious and sometimes tiring intellectual work of conceiving pieces which aren’t only aesthetically appealing but at the same time carry secrets to discover and the artist’s very own truth and innermost sincerity.

From the start I’ve loved this professionalism in Sanja, this almost solemn dedication to the arts.

Opposed to this seriousness is Sanja’s easy going personality and delightful charm that I was able to experience during our conversations and that can be perceived in each works of this series.

With vivid colours and playful, well arranged forms, the works of “Archetype of Cosmic Order” invite you to come closer, to observe, to discover and to play. But they not only make you stun at their beauty (at the beautiful surface that Sanja painted on canvas and afterwards recreated digitally solely for this exhibition): they also confront you with universal ideas like fear and awareness, with concepts drawn from Greek mythology and and questions that speak about life itself and our (human) path in it.

If you take your time and dive deeper into them, you’ll dive deeper into yourself as well- into the depths, from where Sanja’s images are born, the depths were all our jewels are hidden.

Thank you for taking your time to visit this exhibtion.
I hope you found some beauty, truth & inspiration in
it that will serve you on your way as a human being.
For any kinds of questions, please don’t hesitate
to get in touch with me.



Dear Sanja,

your talent is a jewel in itself.

I do wish for you to keep on exploring, using and sharing it in the beautiful, accessible way that you do.
I do look forward to weeks, months and maybe even years of fruitful cooperation and mutual love for the arts and each other’s approach towards it.

Thank you for giving me the chance
to experience what it is to create
and be friends with you.