Archetype of Cosmic Order

Sanja Djordjevic

Dedicated to my journey within
the journey of constant transformation
constant elevation of the mind
body and spirit.

I won’t bother you with knowledge that already exists
I’ll rather give you my perspective based on my own experience
combined with learning & contemplation

And kindly provoke your imagination.

It occasionally happens
that we are so keen on “The Game”
that we lose touch with our authenticity

How to come back to our true, authentic self
how to get in touch with the jewels

bearers of wisdom
existing as long as life itself,
these jewels offer selflessly
beauty, creativity.

alarming vibration.
Intuitive warning.
The colours are calling to action.

colors floating in space.
rebelling against time.
standing still and yet moving
teasing the sight.

as a child I was afraid of the dark: of a room with lights off, the night outside , of the creatures of the shadow

then my jewel told me: give no reaction! Stillness – active presence is your vessel

Rising & Frequencies

the Sun, the source, the king
nourishes life lovingly
tap into the high frequencies
of what inspires you to elevate

move forward, not back
look inside, there lies:
the key to healing, the road ahead

God of Time, you move slow!
Now I know – now I’m grown.