On my Mind

I needed a little bit of a “Delicate Balance” in my life.
So I formed a delicately balanced structure.
A cluster of geometric bodies, the erratic play of forms in bright
and gorgeous colors floating in space.

Rebelling against time;
standing still and yet moving,
teasing the sight.
Here and there a gentle touch but detached from the container, uncontained.
Thoughts detached from the anchor – the mind.
State of deep reflection, meditation.

The ultimate purpose of gathered knowledge is to reflect, transform, personalize.
That is the planet Pluto calling from afar.
Calling you to face all that you’d rather avoid.
Promises new dimensions and he for sure delivers.
New light, new perception:

a small circle at the bottom of the composition
in the deep shade of purple,
holding everything in check with its mystical magnetic force, it represents other side of the mind,

the subconscious
detached but not so cold.
Holds the color of the distant night

enter the
pandora’s bo

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