Opposite directions

Alarming vibration. Intuitive warning.
Vivid colors are calling to action because
disorder is detected in the system.

Frequency of disbalance
disturbing state of being.
Frequency is unseen but can be heard.

It’s absolutely felt.

When it’s heard and felt
it’s time to acknowledge
this gentle guide from within.

I tried to playfully depict it in a visual form,
to whom it may concern

Your authenticity is agitated for being neglected.
It warns you that you contradicted it;
switch lanes, change direction.

It is giving you a sign which way to go; don’t miss the sign by the road.
These things are always subtle.

That’s why the jewels were hidden in the first place;
because your task is to reach for them and tap into their

and once you do,
to keep your attention in the right direction.

on my mind:
delicate balance

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