Saturn Return

There is a concept in the ancient science of Astrology that is called “Saturn Return”. That means that the planet Saturn takes up to 30 years to come back to the same place as it was at the moment of your birth. So around your 30th birthday, you experience your first Saturn return. Saturn is the planet of structure, patience, organization, and discipline, his middle name is responsibility and his last name hard work. Messenger of karma, no refunds or exchanges. Like a cold and distant father that shows you love in his unique and wicked way. He is cruel but righteous, always righteous. The most generous of all planets if it is understood and respected. Be it that he is the planet that governs my soul, I feel his effects strongly. Especially after he made his return. So this painting is dedicated to our fated meeting, my beloved guru.

Series of strange but subtle events led me to my knees in front of you. I am grateful for your lessons and how you made me suffer due to my lack of patience. Due to my ignorance and denial of your grace. The God of Time, you move slow. Now I know, now I’m grown. Now I’m standing on my own two feet, gracious, no longer denying defeat. I came out of the storm. I saw you in your earthly form. I got born again, reformed. Thank You for your wisdom and guidance, Your Highness.

I respect higher force greatly. Only Saturn is 10 times larger than the Earth. Imagine then Jupiter, or Sun…even the Moon, twice smaller but governs all the water on Earth, including the water in humans… who is to deny such incredible power, force and energy? Regardless of your belief system, energy is universal. Pick the name of your preference, follow the calling of your inner guidance. The jewel that shines the brightest.

The unraveling of ancient knowledge in the terms of simple and personal understanding continues


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