The Game

Because the knowledge that I acquired throughout my life, and I mean formal knowledge, very often took me down the rabbit hole in my attempt to understand the world around me. And very often I see the same thing happens with other people in conversations.

It occasionally happens that we are so keen on “The Game” ‘who will outsmart whom’ that we completely lose touch with our authenticity, repeating, quoting and projecting, interpreting words of other people which we’ve heard or read as our own; words of the great ones that history preserved.

Being authentic is a birth-given right, or I would rather say your number one responsibility.
And yet, somehow, we are so oblivious to that fact,
so eager to reject that one precious thing that we possess.

Oblivious to the worth of own identity
and, in that matter, not educated properly.
Lost souls without guidance went astray.

The question that I am pondering on lately is:
How to come back to a true, authentic self
How to get in touch with

the jewels
that were hidden

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