Call for artists: Exhibition in Barcelona, May & June 2023


Alternative gazes on the body and desire.

Longlist out now


Lucia Cruda
Yola Balanga
Lilith Tang
Rebecca Yunjeong Lee
Deborah Graziano
Cherry Adam
Ally Zlatar
Drea García
Conor Ashlee-Purle
Ekaterina Kirillova
Mariana Gómez
Celia Maria Mora Garcia
Natalia Santos Salado
Le Moigne Marie
Manuela Benaim
Kate Corroon Skakel
Giulia Querin
Anna Khodorkovskaya
Denis Abazi
Aurore Le Ludec
Chiara Ciccarello
AJ Schnettler
Mads Washbrook
Kassy Kova
Paloma de la Fuente
Marjorie Thomas
Helena Ortin
Maša Bušić
Carla Sophie Tapparo
Yevheniia Kurdiukova
Kwinnie Lê
Julia Witzeneder and Ophelia Pauline Reuter
Hannah Nishat Botero & Morgane Dixneuf
Margot Machado


We’re congratulating everyone who has made it to the longlist.
Please note that being on the longlist doesn’t qualify you to be part of the exhibition.

The selected artists (those who are invited to participate in the exhibition) will receive an email until March 15th with the good news and further instructions.


Dear artist,

thank you so much for your interest in our open call.
Before applying, please read the following information:

What? Physical group exhibtion

Theme: Alternative gazes on the body and desire. We are looking for works that question the conventional male gaze and imagine new ways of seeing and looking at the body, and that open a door for new, subversive representations of the human figure and desire.

Where & how long? FLIPA Art Gallery Barcelona for approximately 4 weeks.

When? Two last weeks of May & first two weeks of June (exact dates need to be confirmed)

Who can apply? This call for artists is open internationally for everybody. However, due to the fact that it is a physical exhibition, we’ll give preference to artists living in Spain.

Format: Most visual art formats (painting, drawing, sculpture, textile, photography, video, performance, etc.) are accepted. Works that can fit within a 2×2 meters space will be given preference (although bigger formats will also be considered).

Can I submit more than one work? Yes. You should describe all the works you’d like to submit in the same form. We’re intending to have only one form per person. A series of works counts as one work. Please do not submit more than 3 works.

Shipping: The shipping of the works to and from the gallery is the full responsibility of the artist, that includes, but is not limited to shipping costs (and any applicable fees) & insurance costs. Works may also be dropped directly at the gallery. Under no circumstances, the gallery or Suboart Magazine will be hold responsible for any damage caused to the artwork. All artworks must be at the gallery on April 21st, 2023 at the very latest.

Sales: The works exhibited should be for sale. Earnings will be split between the artist and the gallery (50/50). Suboart Magazine will not receive any share from the earnings.

Application Fees: there are no application fees or participation fees.

Participants must be 18 years or older.

To read the full terms and conditions in English and Spanish, please click here.


Deadline: Friday February 24, 2023

For any further questions, please get in touch with us via


Thank you, once more, for your interest!

We look forward to reviewing
your gorgeous work.

The Suboart Team

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