My music

When I draw I listen to music I like and only the one that I like- it’s fundamental for my drawing, for me to even being able to draw I’d say. I have an incredible hard time to concentrate and focus myself, I’ve always been like this. Anything, no matter how small or silent, distracts or disturbs me, any noise makes me feel very nervous and that’s why I have everyday discussions with my neighbours. In order for me to be able to draw calmly, without feeling like killing anyone, I have to put on my headphones and turn on my favourite music to its maximum volume.

Only with my favourite music in my ears I’m able to forget what’s outside. And then I draw and it’s like a drug, I embark on a journey and the hours just fly away.

My formation

The only artistic formation that I have is a comic class that I took for 3 years when I was 14 years old. I think that an artistic formation can probably favour you, but I guess it depends on everyone and on the teachers you have as well. It also depends on the natural talent of a person and also on what it is that this person wants to achieve with their art. I believe that in order to really be an artist, it’s convenient to go to a good arts academy or alternatively to study the basic concepts like colour theory, perspective, human and animal anatomy (in case you want to paint animals…) on your own. It’ll really give you a good foundation.

My feelings

When I draw I don’t feel anything specific or special. Sometimes I feel a bit of joy in the very moment of drawing but after that, once the piece is finished, I immediately start to see the flaws in it and so then, that’s it with the joy, it’s over.

Audrey Hepburn based on the original drawing in black ink. Digital variation
Audrey Hepburn based on the original drawing in black ink. Digital variation
Buenos Aires

In the city where I’m from and where I still live in, Buenos Aires, there are plenty of artists and many of them quite acclaimed and others popular social media or in “ambientes populares”. However, I don’t know any of them, as my few friends are not artists. I’m not very sociable, I don’t know a lot of people. In Argentina and in Buenos Aires we have many galleries but I’ve never exposed my work in any of them and as Buenos Aires is only one of the 23 states of Argentina there are a lot of art galleries in the rest of the country as well. But I haven’t had any personal experience with any of them, I’ve never shown my work in any of them. Regarding Argentinian artists, there are many that I like, like for example Alberto Breccia, Uruguayo Argentino, his son Enrrique Breccia, Francisco Solano Lopez, Oswal, Horacio Altuna, and many more.

My work & I

I don’t really care what people say about my work, let them say what they want to say. If they like it, fine, and if they don’t like what I do, fine as well. There are tastes for everything.

Even if the final piece is not exactly how I wanted it to be or also if nobody buys it, I still find value and worth in it, because at least I tried. That makes me find worthwhile what I do.

As for now, I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing, portraying women the way I do it. It’s possible that in the future I’ll be doing different types of drawing but I don’t know that yet and don’t have any concrete plans for that either.

My hopes for the future

Life as an illustrator started for me not a long time ago it happened during the pandemic. As for now, it’s tremendously difficult for me, or rather impossible to make a living from it, but I’m lucky enough that my father and mother help me. I have hope, however, that I will do a bit better or even fine in the future. My hope is to live 100% from my drawings, without my parents having to help me. As I’m 36 years old, going towards 37, I feel very embarrassed about that.

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