Current projects

I am currently completing a still life series based on the fluidity of flowers and leaves. I am in early planning of my next project with movement as the subject. Recently I was featured as part of Black Artist Highlight on Albany Center Gallery’s platforms.

Showing my art & the internet

The internet is fascinating and I am grateful for it. We’re able to share our works and get in touch with artists all over the world easily. To me, this is something delightful and it’s part of the expression of living.

My wish for the future

As for the future, I look forward to travelling the world taking photos and sharing experiences with others. My wishes for the future are two-fold: bringing the unique and everyday of faraway places to the people who may not have the ability to get there themselves and inspiring travellers to their next destination.

Sanna, 2020
Music is a muse, 2021
A breeze in pink, 2019
A Hudson River morning, 2020
The Playful Bee, 2020

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