night : my time

Night is a magical time for me.
Anyone suddenly becomes real;
they convey their own personality
that they don’t show at other
times of the day.

In my works the night scenes have both: they capture a couple in a romantic moment that only under a myriad of stars can be, but also a single person to convey a moment of strong reflection or loneliness.

my figures: fragile?

More than fragile figures, they are imaginary and abstract. They are in an imaginary that can be concrete and that anyone can identify with, whether they are a fragile or resilient person. Clearly there are times when we can feel more fragile, when we are in a sort of bubble in a crowded place (as I depict in the artwork “Introverts”), but also at times when we feel good with ourselves and with who we have beside us.

art scene & artists : where I live

The art scene in Prato, Italy, is full of people who plan to showcase their artistic skills through illustration, graphic design or 3D. Fortunately, it’s a very large environment where any person is welcome to learn from others and is helped at the same time, so that you can get feedback from those with more experience and give it to those with less. So, it’s a scene that always lends a hand to others. In the digital art scene, just as in the analogue one, we also strive for exhibitions and places to showcase our works, both virtually and physically.

Regarding fellow artists, I’ve been appreciating and studying a bit more the works of Karisma (@whoskarisma) lately, an artist who, in my opinion, always manages to convey very strong feelings. There are also other emerging artists that I admire like Gregory Thielker (@gregorythielker) and Kevin Specht (@kevinspecht)

introspection : my current work

I currently have several artworks in progress that are the result of a study and introspection of myself that go outside of themes that I often use such as love and nostalgia. One in particular is an artwork that will probably be the next one to come to light and it will be about a very serious subject where someone can mirror themselves in it and others can only feel that strong feeling.

hope : grow

I sincerely hope to improve myself both on the artistic and human side, enjoying all situations with much more maturity and with more rationality. My current wish is to participate in some artistic project or exhibition in my city as I have been given a contribution in my works.

In the future I hope to have the opportunity to do some exhibition also outside my city, in order to share more “parts of me” with other people. I hope to be an example to those who, like me, try to express themselves through what they love most to do.


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