Our safe zone, 2021
Little purplestar, 2021

Introverts, 2020
Instant, 2020
Tribute to Magritte, 2020

Amore e Psiche, 2019
Miss u, 2020
The Loneliness of Souls, 2020
Il Bacio, 2019
Self portrait, 2020

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Sanja Djordjevic

Have you ever felt that creation is an urge from within, something born in our emotional depths? Then join us & get to know this…

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Guino García

Guino García is a Spanish artist from Jerez de la Frontera, whose life took an unexpected turn when his ex-girlfriend made him go to Cape…

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Diahann Addison

Do you have a hard time seeing the beauty around you? This Jamaican-American photographer can help you out.

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Jade Dyamond

Have you ever wondered if there is anything stronger than a woman on this earth and how to filter your anger through art? Then this…

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José Goz

If you’re a multipassionate artist or artpreneur, then this interview is for you: get to know the illustrator, musician & teacher José Goz

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Mónica Morales

Have you been passionate about the visual arts all your life or are you wondering how to find your unique style? Then we’re sure Mónica’s…

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Rising Stars: Natalie Tyler

Do you like embroidery, patterns and colours? Then today’s “Rising Star” migh as well be one of your next favourite artists. Inspired by everyday life,…

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In conversation with Ojo Agi

With Blackness at the center of her works, Ojo Agi’s figurative drawings on brown paper tell a story that transcends race. Informed by postcolonial theory,…

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