We’ve asked Guino to choose some of his works from the last few years and explain them to you. At the end of the page you’ll find some additional information about artists and topics mentioned in the interview.

artist sketchbook by Spanish artist Guino Garcia mixed media and collage
sketch book drawing with markers colourful portrait of a Cape Verdean girl
digital collage as part of a video regarding children in Cape Verde Africa
Oil on wood potrait by emerging painter Guino Garcia Tarrafal Cabo Verde
Oil painting portray of an African woman with African Wax print fabric
My Sketchbook

This is one of the sketches I did in 2018. I transferred the photograph to the sketch book page and glued the first layer of a napkin on it afterwards. The napkin already had the flowers print on it and it inspired me to turn this sketch into a big painting, which I did in 2019. The picture shows one of the girls that used to participate in the arts class in Delta Cultura.

Children’s rights

The inspiration for this drawing came from a sketch that I did in the streets of Tarrafal. It was the first of several drawings in the same style, each of them with different back ground colours.

It also served me in my work as a graphic designer- I used this image as well as the others for a series of posters I elaborated for “Delta Cultura”. All of these pictures talk about children’s rights.

Kala Boka

Sequence from the video I created for “Kala Boka”. It was one of the works that I enjoyed doing the most- I still love editing videos and the fabric used in this particular image is one of my all-time favourites.


Kriolas was one of the projects that I developed during my time in Tarrafal: when I moved to Cape Verde, I was soon struck by the beauty of the Cape Verdean women and black women in general. This series, that consists of more than 15 pieces of 15 x 20 cm each, was my tribute to the women I knew in Tarrafal. All of my models were women and girls I knew- I took pictures of them with their permission and then painted them with oil paint on wood.

Get in touch

I’m always happy about feedback – you can always contact me via and view my work on or on my Instagram page @guino_agr

Thank you for reading until the end. Guino’s exhibtion will go online on our site on March 21st. Please find additional information & links below or return to the front page here

Additional information & links / @guino_agr
Education Center Delta Cultura / @deltacultura / Nos Kausa Spasu Kultural (Facebook) / @noskausa
Lucian Freud on Art UK / Isidro Ferrer / Joan Cornellá / Adebayo Bolaji /@adebayobolaji

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