Guino García

Name: Guino García
Country: Spain
Lives in: Lisbon, Portugal
Instagram: @guino_agr

Who are you?

Who am I, for those who don’t know me: I’m a crazy comedian, without filters and entertaining, emotionally a bit overflowing, a bit over the top.

My life is full of crazy stories, due to being forgetful and easily distracted and because I take crazy decisions without thinking them twice. Well, I enjoy to do things my own way, I like it when unexpected things happen.

My mum gave me the name Alejandro and my people call me Guino since I was very young… Verdugo, Verde, Verduguino, Guino.

My art story

I felt attracted to visual arts since I was very young even though I didn’t have any idea about what it was and I didn’t have an inherent talent, honestly, I enjoyed doing other things more. Starting orange wars (the oranges were my bombs), playing on my Sega Megadrive, striving around in the park close to my home which made me end up in the hospital most of the time. Behaving like a crazy kid out there, I’d always suffer from some kind of injury, oftentimes on the head.

In reality, I was a curious child and very imaginative. I always loved to create and construct new things or to edit them, once they were ready.

However, when I was young, my biggest passion was to show minimal interest in school.

Guino’s affection for children doesn’t only show when talking about his own childhood: children are also a recurring theme in his works. The picture above shows a collage in one of his Cape Verde sketchbooks.

I drew on the tables or inside the school books, as I considered the education that was imposed upon me a total waste of time. It wasn’t ludic and had little to teach me, that is to say. Let me be very honest with you: I absolutely did only the most necessary and most unavoidable tasks in order to pass each grade.

My interest in art developed while growing up, thanks to my passion for skating and making videos from it. At that time where I lived, skating was considered similar to taking drugs, people had a bad opinion about it, but it’s not like this anymore.

Around the year 2003 me and my friends founded the skate club MURAKO and we published two videos “MURAKO more” and “MURAKO now more”.

Skating and the videos motivated me to be self-taught, to learn how to use programs for video and image edition, which, in turn, made me choose arts as a speciality in my last highschool years.

Guino in his home town Jerez de la Frontera, Andalusia, Spain, where he grew up and founded the skate club “Murako” in his teenage years.

But this was not the only reason why I chose visual arts as a speciality in school: I also simply thought it would be easier than any of the other specialities where I would have to study things like physics, chemistry, economy or maths. 

The truth is, the arts have always seemed a lot more useful and practical for me than the other subjects.

And then, well, I developped a lot more interest in the arts and decided to do a degree in Graphic Design. My interest grew bigger and bigger and I started to study fine Arts in the University of Fine Arts in Granada.

The Mixed Media Series “Fractales” (Fractures)

Leaving Spain

On January 8th, 2015, I moved to a small village named Tarrafal on Santiago island in Cape Verde where we put into practice an art project for children.

“Sala de Arte” in Delta Cultura

From the room that was given to us, we created a physical creative space open to everybody who wanted to participate, where creativity should be lived and generated, where the girls and boys of the village could come by and participate in making art. It was and still is a space where they can create a work thanks to their imagination, experiment & use different kinds of materials and discover different artistic techniques.

Among the most important objectives of the project were:

  • Growing the young people’s self esteem by empowering their different creative capacities
  • Calming their minds and increasing their sensitivity and creativity
  • Creating participative societies, encouraging activities in groups where everybody learns from everybody, sharing materials and, most importantly, experiences.
Guino and one of the children from Delta Cultura working on a mural in Tarrafal.
Guino and some of the Delta Cultura staff and children in front of another mural they painted.

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