How art can serve

Jade at her last showcase in Miami

Due to the pandemic, I started doing painting tutorials on IG Live to give people something to do instead of being bored quarantining and a chance to socialize virtually.

With art, I realized that it emulates the time frame that we’re in as well as the struggles and significant moments in history and emotions that go with it.

For example, with the Black Lives Matter movement, I felt very affected mentally and emotionally. I was frustrated I couldn’t do much, and I’m sure there are others that had similar feelings. One night, I just started painting what I felt. I was angry and sad for those protesting and not being heard, for George Floyd and other victims of racism and brutality. The only thing I could do was paint, and others did so, too.

The art we all created last summer will display history and exactly how it felt in that moment.

There are many projects and programs within the community that need artists —you just have to search for them, whether that be on your county’s websites, or non profit organizations.

For example, the Buddy System Miami runs a Miami Community Fridge Project, which has a network of free food for the community. They have artists decorate the fridges and they are trying to create a database for artists for future community projects. I hope to take part in this project one day.

The Miami Art Scene

We have Wynwood which is basically the art district; it’s saturated with galleries, art events, murals, bars, parties and the most interesting of people. There was so much energy, excitement, and wonder there before the pandemic, and hopefully when it’s safe again, it comes back to life.

Art Basel, an international art fair, is held in the art district in Miami (among other locations around the world) every year in December as well. Last year, Jewel Ham, showcased there among many other popular artists.

My difficulties being an emerging artist

Due to working a full-time job, I come home exhausted in the evenings. My biggest difficulties are definitely time management and patience with growing my skills.

Artists I admire

Reyna Noriega, Elena Gual, Claude Monet, Jewel Ham, Van Gogh, Rene Magritte, Eizin Suzuki, and Brian Cook (UK Landscape Artist)

Fellow emerging artists I’d like to recommend

Jewel Ham (@WhateverJewel) , Taja S’ymone (@Tsymonevisuals), Marie Franco (@MarieFrancoArt), Claire Coleman (@Clairecolemanstudio) and Florence D’Angelo (@Studioxflo)

Books that have helped me and could help other emerging artists

The Smartitst Guide by Ekaterina Popova and Alicia Puig
Essential Art Therapy Exercises by Leah Guzman
The Art of Creative Thinking by Rod Judkins
Color Theory by Patti Mollica
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Platforms I’d like to share with you

Create Magazine, Tax Collection, The Telephone Project

My hopes for the future are…

…to create and have my work shown all over. And maybe if I’m lucky, have some of my art fund environmental/sustainable projects in places worldwide that need it.

Get in touch with me:

@jadedyamond, and

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