Jade Dyamond

Name: Jade Dyamond
Country: United States
Lives in: Miami
Web: www.jadedyamond.com
Instagram: @jadedyamond

Who am I?

My name is Jade Dyamond. I’m a visual artist and I primarily use oil paint, acrylic and occasionally spray paint. I graduated from Florida International University with two engineering degrees, and I am currently honing my skills at De Vita Art Academy.

My Art Journey

Ever since I was a child, I have always had a love for art. After I graduated with my engineering degree and started working, I had a lot of free time. The night of my 22nd birthday, my cousins and I sat in my aunts living room talking. We always have thought provoking conversations so it didn’t surprise me when one of them asked us what our goals were by the time we were 40. I gave the typical vague answer: be happy, successful, and have a family. My cousin replied, “Nah, deeper than that.” I thought about it. What about working internationally AND showcasing my art all over?

The next day at work, I had the sudden realization — those goals would never be accomplished because I wasn’t presently doing anything remotely towards it.

My cousin Robyn had been encouraging me to apply to RAW Artists. It wasn’t long before they sent me back an invitation to my first showcase.

God and creativity

As I grow more in my faith, I feel like I have been admiring the world through a different set of lens. I studied in Costa Rica in the winter of 2016, and a high level of respect and admiration was born from the beauty I saw from the culture and ecosystem there.

God created every little thing on this Earth with a purpose and connection to help one another live; I can’t help but think that there isn’t anything more creative and beautiful than that.

Sensual & earthy

I’m still on my art journey, but the goal is for there to be a “sensual” and “earthy” feeling to my work. I’m honestly not concerned so much with having a “style.” I feel like today there is such a pressure on conforming your art into a specific box when there really shouldn’t be. As long as my art gives off feeling, no matter what I paint, I will be happy.

Painting the strongest

Majority of the women I have painted are actually my friends. I’ve found that their poses and being act as really strong and empowering muses, and I wanted to emulate that by incorporating some of their elements into my own work.

Because the only thing stronger to me than a woman is the Earth.

I’m not going to say I feel free, and that I’m expressing myself all the time. Sometimes, I just want to paint to see the end result, as well as to keep my mind silent for an hour or two.

I want my art…

I want my art to exude a transcendent quality in that it can advance through the mind and appeal to many senses at once. I want to eventually paint something where you feel like you’re physically in it. For example, with Eizin Suzuki’s work, he shows a lot of sunlight and shadows to the point where I feel like I can feel the sun’s rays on my skin. That’s my goal and the impression I want to leave for my audience.

I love commissions because…

…they challenge me with every request I receive. If I’m stuck, I tend to create a mood board or jot down a bunch of ideas. I’ve learned to work organically versus forcing myself — I’ve found that’s when I can treat my paintings with love and is where my art falls more naturally.

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