Photo by Katarina Markovic

There is a strong connection between my art and my fashion. The initial idea was to transfer my graphics to textiles as they are. During the work process, exploring materials, cuts and designs, I found a way to tame and reduce my geometric “wild” shapes to make them more wearable. I carefully design and fit every pattern and color, and each collection is unique and unrepeatable. My fashion creations are small works of art, and the idea is for the people who wear them to feel relaxed and well.

And as for my graphics, there is certainly no factor that would make my work more difficult. There’s just my imagination, music, laptop and me.

I’d be lying if I said that no one
influenced my work, but I like
the quote by Jeff Koons:
“The art is inside you.”

Photo by Vera Gagic

I wouldn’t call my works engaged in the classical sense. But since they affect me positively and I often come back to them as they relax me, I would like to convey the same good vibes to the audience, to arouse beautiful feelings, inspire them with my works and communicate at a higher level, similar to classical music; in a word, to amaze them with the range of colors and complexity of the form.

I once read that artistic expression can be a more powerful and universal means of communication than language. And I completely agree.

Feelings, 2020

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