My own style

Photo by Vera Gagic
Butterflies, 2019

Style is one thing and producing the same works is quite another. I don’t think I’m being repetitive – I’ve managed to build my own style that people already recognize whether it’s art or fashion.

My experience has been positive because I started graphics in 2013 in the form of a blog and back then it was just a hobby. However, I worked almost every day. I was persistent because it was fun and relaxing for me even then. These were very reduced geometric shapes that became increasingly complex and expressionist over the years, and then the fashion was born. My inspiration is still intact, and I want to believe that it will remain so. I would say that I’m just getting started.

Geometry in pastel, 2020
Happy thoughts, 2020

When I’m in the midst of the creative process I fully surrender to it because it’s completely intuitive. The feeling is great because it has a calming effect on me. I want to transfer that energy to the observers as well. I hope I succeed in that. The only work that I conceived in advance, or had an idea for, turned out quite different than the others. Compared to them, it seemed like a change of style. It was a vision that fascinated me at the time. Now that I look at that piece, it is too perfect. Quite symmetrical, and I actually prefer chaotic order, rhythm of the disorder, harmony of disharmony.

Artists that inspired me

Some of my eternal inspirations surely include Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, as well as Sonia Delaunay, Tamara de Lempicka, Piet Mondrian, Frank Stella, Stanley Whitney, Jeff Koons, Katharina Grosse, Ad Minoliti, William LaChance, Robert Szot. If you ask me for emerging artists that I admire, I´d like to mention Natalia Ostapenko and Cindy Lee.

I am happy with small things, but all my life I have been dreaming about being famous. That is, that my art and fashion be recognized worldwide for its quality.

My hopes for the future

Although people generally know me as a cheerful and smiling person, I cannot be insensitive to the current situation. But I definitely want to think positively with faith in a better tomorrow. I am happy with small things, but all my life I’ve been dreaming with being famous. That is, that my art and/or fashion will be recognised worldwide for its quality. The support provided by my family and friends is very important to me. When I am insecure about what I do, they are always there to encourage me. And of course, I do believe that what I am doing is worth the effort, otherwise I would have given up a long time ago.

Since I am still an emerging artist myself, my advice would be that if you do something out of love and you are persistent in it, success will definitely come sooner or later. I simply believe in it, and that it is a matter of time, effort, and perseverance. I also think that it is very important to fantasize. So if you really want something from the heart, it will come true.

Thank you, dear readers,
for reading until the end.

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Thank you Katarina Markovic & Vera Gagic for allowing us to use your pictures.
Katarina Markovic: @keticatt / Vera Gagic: @veragagicphoto

The translation of the interview was done by Milan Bogdanovic.

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