My artwork: a reflection of myself

Art tends to be a kind of egocentric work. Why? Because what we say as artists is not only our own expression but also our own opinion and at the end of the day, the messages that we communicate through our creations are impregnated by our personalities and our way to look at the world.

I´m a very methodical and organized person (at least from the outside) and at times I´m more logical than emotional. I believe that these trades are reflected in my drawings which are full of straight lines. I think that they show to a certain extend that I see often see the world in an analytical manner.

I´m also very precise in everything I do, so I´m always driven by the details in my drawings. I can´t stop working on an image until it makes 100% sense to me and has all the details I deem necessary.

However, even though I do spend some time observing my own creative process and try to understand who I am, that´s not the main reason why I´m drawing.

Drawing and especially comic, is a chance for me to create alternative realities, to speak up, to protest, to build a world of wonders. It´s funny because when I was young I also wanted to be an architect. To create my art is just that for me: to construct spaces and fill them with life and with the footprints of time.

Art & Activism

I do use my art for activism and to raise awareness to certain topics. Being a proud part of the LGBTQ+ community is part of who I am, and, as I said before, your work cannot escape of who you are. I think that as artists we hold a very important power to speak our truth and if you´re not putting yourself in what you do, along with your beliefs, your thoughts and ideas, then the message you´ll try to communicate and stand for will probably be quite empty and shallow.

Art has always been a great tool of exposure and propaganda, on both sides of the spectrum. So it feels only natural to me to use it as a way to create awareness for issues that as humans, we experience in our lives every day.

Poland, despite all its beauty, is undeniably a country of very strong beliefs, most of which I strongly disagree with. This is of course part of the speech that I do.

For my stories I get inspired by normal people, by everyday men, women and everybody in between that that allow themselves to be vulnerable, to truly be who they are. It would be inappropriate of me to pretend that these people don’t live in this rough and tough world that we know.

Art is the language of expression, something that we all can relate to, something everyone can reach for, and it is somehow the footprint that we leave as individuals of our human experience.

What would you like people to say about your art?

I love to think that when someone reads my comics they can relate to the characters and enjoy the journey that they´re on along with them. Somehow, and as mentioned before, it is my vision of what is around me so it is, in a way, like taking a look at how I really am and understand my surroundings. And perhaps, that helps to provide other perspectives and angles on life experiences.

My hopes for the future

To complete my PhD, everyone to get vaccinated and world peace; but I guess the first one can be too delusional.

Thank you for reading until the end.
Have a look at Jose Goz’ beautiful artwork here:
Jose Goz (@josegozz)

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