My daily life as an artist

‘When you’re fighting against insomnia’, bag

As I mentioned before, I’ve worked as a graphic designer here in Granada for the past two years and apart from that, I accept commissions for paintings and illustrations.

One day in March 2020, when we were already locked up due to the pandemic, I had the idea to transfer my illustrations to different mediums such as bags and T-Shirts which I currently sell as well on demand.

The truth is that I’m very happy that I did this because being a bag or a T-Shirt something more “useful” than a drawing hanging on your wall, people are more motivated to buy it, or that’s at least my impression. And, honestly to me, it’s so exciting so know that my works are walking through the streets, being visible to a whole bunch of people and making their owners happy.

Emerging artists I love

One of the artists I discovered not long ago is Iria Fafiàn. I like her illustrations a lot and especially the sceneries that she creates in her ‘light boxes’ (cajitas de luz). Another artist and friend whose work I adore is José Goz: I love the the scenery that he creates thanks to his intriguing compositions and his beautiful use of lights and the people starring in his illustrations are full of sensitivity and personality.

My advice for fellow emerging artists

I’m not really somebody to give advice but I guess that I’d tell any beginner or emerging artist to keep on working and not to lose their motivation and their passion. Any kind of work is difficult and so are the visual arts.

Get in touch

Instagram: @m.o.n.i.c.a.m.l

Additional information & links

Christian Boltanski | Artnet
Jose Goz (@josegozz)
Iria Fafián (@iriafafian)

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