Women, my motivation

Work in progress
Oil on Canvas

I always feel the urge to project topics related to the female struggle onto my work, domestic violence for instance, or poverty among women that should be eradicated through education and empowerment. Art should be a vehicle to drive such awareness. If you ask me for an advice that I’d give emerging artists, it would be this: simply believe in yourself, to work harder, to think about what you are going to do next and to develop. To remain focused and explore ways of using the arts to promote valuable engagements.

Don’t settle,
don’t stand still,
take the chance.

Fall Apart I
Oil on Canvas

I´m currently working on…

…a new body of Portrait Series for the Adire festival in Brazil. The exhibition is planned to be this year, from June- July 2022 and it’s very exciting. It’s a travelling show and I’m going to be present in Brazil and also at the NYC Art fair in August 2022 in New York. At this time, I’m also preparing a new series of women portraits for future exhibitions, since l enjoy drawing and Painting with a palette knife. On the other hand, l also continue to paint works in which the themes include part of my own life and women issues. In this way, I’m already preparing material that will be available for future exhibitions. I would also like to have my personal exhibition, that is why I’m currently looking for a partnership.

My hopes for the future

My aspirations are to improve on projecting my art and to solicit support for female artists. My hope for the future is to see global acceptance that women and children in our communities are important to development and that they deserve more support

Get in touch: @arogunmatiomoyeni
Email: arogunmatiomoyeni3@gmail.com
For other projects she’s involved in, please visit: www.Blkarthouse.com / @wo_foundation/

Dear reader,
thank you very much for reading until the end.
I hope you feel inspired by Omoyeni’s dedication to
women’s struggle and her beautiful art works.

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